Sunday, November 9, 2008


I'm soooo glad I went to see Dr. Mulhall today :D After more Kinesio tape and A.R.T on my calves, I had an awesome 2hr run! Almost always I like to get my key workout done first thing in the morning. As the day goes on I get a bit drained of energy especially with my 3:30-4:00am insane wake up hours! Ha.
So after getting home from Ft. Worth I headed out the door to White Rock and back. It took 30min to get rolling but wow, after that, I wanted to keep going forever.
Before seeing Dr. Mulhall I had some time to kill and wanted to make sure I had enough fuel in me for the run so I did a 60min ez spin, had a big breakfast and was set.
After the run I took an hour nap and then went to SMU to swim. My right shoulder/arm is pretty sore but a long warm up got me feeling awesome in the water. Overall it was probably one of my best swims, feeling-wise. Now I'm done with dinner, time for some homework and focus on keeping everything intact the days ahead.
The key thing right now is getting my arm back to its full strength and resting my whole body from the heavy load its undergone the numerous past weeks.
I have a couple of school things I need to take care of before next week, including 2 exams, so the taper comes at a good time ;)
Alright time for neglected homework...
This ended up being a good weekend afterall!