Sunday, November 30, 2008

So close yet so far

It's been a great week of eating, sleeping, stretching, watching movies, eating some more, napping, and squeezing in homework here and there :D
Thanksgiving was spent at my stepdad's house, and we had an awesome smoked turkey. I've always had roasted turkey but who knew smoked would taste so good.
Friday I got in the water for a 30min easy swim, yesterday I walked 30min because I'm super intense haha, and did another 30 of core, push ups, pull ups, and resistance cords (all upper body). Then today my mom and I took my brother to Stone Oak so he could ride for 2hrs and she and I did a 90min walk. I was pretty tired after that, metnally more than anything because walking frustrates me :)
Tomorrow morning I'll fly back to Dallas very early so I can make it to 930am class. I have an exam and a HUGE presentation in the afternoon.
Then another exam Wednesday that I need to get an A in to avoid taking the final, a group project to finish by the end of the week, and a long take home final from a marketing class.
I'm hoping to have it organized by Friday because it's my birthday! 21!!!
In two weeks time I will be free of school!!!! Graduation is Dec. 13, however I'm not attending as I'd rather enjoy dinner with friends/family than sit and participate in a ceremony. Plus my friend Blake gets in from Lubbock that weekend as he's running the White Rock Marathon.
Finally after those packed two weeks I'll be driving home for much needed X-mas Holidays and quality time with my family that I probably won't be seeing again until a summer race (hopfeully Brazil!)
My race schedule is's a toss up between Honu 70.3 and Brazil depending on financial aid, and that choice will determine whether I do Vineman 70.3 or Big Kahuna before my larger than life A race KONA :D