Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh boy

My wake up times are starting to get earlier and earlier. MUST STOP GOING TO BED AT TODDLER HOURS! Today I have a 5hr ride on plan and it looks like it will be done before 11am :) Since the sun doesn't rise until about 7, I'm gonna hop on the trainer at 5:30ish and do my first two hours on there. It works well since starting the second hour I have some specifics that I can control better on the trainer. What might not be so lovely is going out the door into the chilly 50s after being so warm inside. I'll ride over to White Rock just before the morning traffic starts getting bad and will probably end up doing around 6-7 loops of the lake before heaing back home.
I really really wanted to sleep in until about 9 and start around 10 when the temps will be more like 70s. Also I had told my friend Josh that we could start the South Ride loop (takes about 2.5hrs) at 930....I'll have to email him about my crazy schedule change :/
But there's little doubt that I'll experience cold on the AZ bike course so this will help (hopefully hehe).