Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Cursed

I do not seek sympathy or self-victimization in this post- it's merely sharing a series of events that lead me to only one conclusion: I'm cursed. Contemplate the following all before key races and perhaps you'll agree:

1) Dec. 2006 training for Hawaii 70.3- fall on the bike while riding on wet roads from rain the day before. we were slowly (like 5mph) turning and my wheel slipped on wet gravel. hurt my shoulder pretty bad. didn't have insurance then and didn't want to hear a doctor tell me I couldn't do certain things for certain amount of time, or that I need surgery, etc. (I don't really trust doctors much). 4 weeks of no swimming.

2) June 2007, actual race week! spent the 4 days prior to the race getting daily massages and going in and out of the hot tub and making regular rounds to the ice machine in the low back/glute (which have given me problems since I was 12 from tennis....the side I served on) were ridiculously tight- it went into spasm after getting off the flight. I guess it was not happy sitting for 8ish hours from Dallas to Hawaii. I actually felt no relief until exiting the swim on race day!!

3) Sept. 2007, 3 weeks out from Hawaii Ironman a 10 day case of food poisoning. I went to a very famous Italian restaurant in Dallas with a friend before leaving for a final heavy training week in San Diego and stupidly ordered Sea Bass instead of something simple and safe like pasta w/ oil. Sea Bass was undercooked and it was hell!!!! In the 10 days I dropped to 99lbs and couldn't even run 5min. When I finally spent a whole weekend in bed just eating (literally, no exceptions, I only got up to eat and use the bathroom) my ease back into running was not pretty. By race week my metabolism went nuts and I gained 15lbs.

4) July 2008, before Chicago Olympic and in prep for my big race the Cancun 70.3 a runner cuts the path at White Rock Lake when I yelled on your left and I flew over him and my bike, broke my right collarbone and due to landing on the concrete with my hip/lowback/glute had major major contusion on the left side and lost some sort of muscle there (I think that's what it is) that now just looks like a dent in my back.

5) Last Friday November 2008, I get hit by a car on my bike while on my way home (details in recent post). Nothing major resutled thankfully just a contusion on my hip and sore right arm.

6) Three days ago Nov 2008, 2 weeks before IM AZ, I guess running my 2hrs and then 1hr Wednesday with the imbalance (prior to seeing Ron for chiro work which was Thursday) caused major compensation by my left leg. That, plus running on canted pavement and the occasional twist while in deep grass resulted in ridiculously tight peroneal tendon/outer shin. Since Wednesday after the run (the pain started 40min in, mind you it was an easy steady run, nothing out of the ordinary or stupid) I cannot even walk. Dr. Mulhall saw it yesterday and was perplexed. I've been icing, Kinesio tape, stretching...Ron even did ART on it Thursday too...all to no avail! Today after more intense stretching, arnica gel, ibuprofen, you name it, it's starting to feel a little bit better. I'm really banking on a miracle. At least now I can walk through the super market without limping.

So....paranoia, or a curse?