Friday, November 7, 2008


Warning to all: never go cycling with or near me when I'm a month or less out from a key race- I'm bound to either be hit by you or do you damage.
This morning by 9am I was back in room 3, floor 1, of the Doctor's Hospital next to White Rock Lake- the same bed, tv, sink, desk, and emergency gadgets that surrounded me when I broke my collarbone that unlucky July day were once again my uncomfortable environment.
As planned, I got on my trainer and rode a little over an hour. When I realized the sun had come up I quickly got off and went outside- it was about 6:55. I made it to the lake without traffic as rush hour hadn't begun and did a loop. Barely into the loop, I decided after my 40min IM pace set I'd ride back home and get my a** back on the trainer. Despite toe warmers, socks, jacket, and undershirt, I was frozen. I forgot a key compoenent- GLOVES! That's one lesson learned for AZ that I'll take as a plus for the day. I couldn't even drink because holding the water bottle hurt. Yes, I am a huuuuge wimp for cold weather, way more so than anyone I know.
Ok so, I left the lake and I'm 2 blocks from home, on the stop sign by the Church on Adams Rd. I'm ready to turn right, a car is on my left with no signal seemingly going either straight or left. We see no cars coming, we both proceed to move forward...then he turns right WTF?!?! Before I could realize it, I was hit and fell on my right hip/pelvis on the cement curve. "Sweet, here we go again" I thought. Seriously, I just got through an injury before my much anticipated 70.3 in Cancun, now this before AZ?? Not cool.
So I pick up my bike, tell the guy to go- at this point I know I can at least make it home- much better than last time (my falling skills are improving!); and remember I was cold, so dealing with useless "you hit me, no you turned wrong" issues was not priority- getting warm was!
I slowly pedal home, get inside and evaluate: 1) get on trainer for remaining 3 hours ignoring the pain and potentially doing more damage and adding more bad stress to my body, or 2) stop, get it checked out, move schedule around and race healthy if you still can! So option 2 it was. I drove myself to the ER, checked in and 5 hours later (ugh) after blood is drawn, urine sample, IV, and x-rays, I get the news. I didn't fall from an airplane, why all this testing? Well, they wanted to make sure I hadn't done internal damage- ok whatever, I guess I want to make sure of that too :/
So thankfully everything came back ok. It's just a big contusion on my pelvis and I'll be playing the next few days by feel as far as training goes. I'll be on my TRAINER tomorrow seeing how long I can ride comfortably and trying as much of my last long run Sunday as I can without any discomfort.
Right now I'm waiting for SMU pool to open to swim- I'm sooo hyper from the adrenaline of the incident plus laying down in a hospital bed for 5hrs and the IV :)
Also, I think it will help loosen me up(?).
Some good things to take out of this (my philosophy is that everything happens for a reason and it's soo true that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger): powertap wasn't even reading so my 5hrs data would have been worthless, I am now exponentially more fired up than before about tearing it up in AZ, I'm thankfull for my overall health and tremendous luck- the time in the ER really slaps you into reality when you witness other people's major health problems, or parents crying, etc.
Well, that's it, pool's open so I'm signing off!
train safe :)