Monday, November 17, 2008

I RAN, I RAN, I RAN!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Actually, jogged haha....but whatever it didn't hurt. OMG it was like an early x-mas present :)

So I didn't know if my new Saucony's would get here on time and I wanted to break them in at least a little bit before I went to Luke's Locker and asked for Duncan- known for being THE shoe guy. I explained the pain I'd been having and that I hadn't run since last Wednesday. Did he think I needed new Superfeet insoles? He took one look at my shoes and said, "no just take those off and let me show you something". He was able to completely bend the shoe. The outer edge of them were beyond worn out.

So I tried on new ones and lightly bounced around the store. WOW!!!! My feet no longer felt pushed downward on their outer edge...they were back up-center :D

Without second thought, I bought them. Then the run, or not to run? I didn't have anymore pain, but would I just make that tendon mad again and set myself back once more? Well, like a drug addict with fix in hand, I got home and couldn't contain myself. Afterall, I wanted to wear them in just a little, right? :D

So I went out for an ez 20min run. AHHHH!!! I cannot express the joy. I was like a caged animal. I wanted to run for hours. But no, 20min and then icing.

No pain!!! Tomorrow I'll get ART, and then hold off for a 30min run until the evening.

Wed just a 45min swim and Thurs all three- 30min swim, 45min bike, 30min run.

Now is when I can look back and once more confirm that everything happens for a reason. I got extra rest and sparked an enormous fire inside me to RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!!! And I still don't get to unleash it until Sunday hehehehe (evil laugh)

Well, now I'll be signing off until I arrive in Tempe Friday. There's much packing, school stuff, and errands to tend to in the next three days.