Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My #1 Priority

It's November and in college (more so than in middle/high school due to the dorms) that means sickness EVERYWHERE! The change in weather and the months of close proximity in dormrooms contributes to this manifestation of germs that scares the hell out of me.
I walk into a building and can't escape the sound of a cough or sneeze. I've resorted to sitting either at the far right upper corner of the classroom or the very front edge. The two seats beside me are quickly loaded with backpack and clothes (jacket, sweater, whatever). I've seriously given thought to a face mask nuemours times as crazy as that sounds :/
Last year before Hawaii I fell into the worst illness ever, food poisoning. I'm not about to sacrifice having my best possible race again! Ironically, one of the downsides of reaching peak fitness is the susceptibility to getting sick.
At the airport I plan on being the odd person holding her breath at the sound of a slight cough, and covering my mouth/nose with my shirt :)
I'm feeling great as ever so all I need now is to protect the form I've worked hard to achieve and arrive at the race ready to battle!