Tuesday, November 11, 2008

12 days left!!

And the countdown has begun :D

4am again, how strange....haha but seriously it will help on race day that this is (as of about a month ago) a totally normal wake up hr for me.

SMU pool opens at 6 (as opposed to 7) on T/TH so i'm off to swim in an hour. After that it's school through the afternoon (which is good as it will be rainy/muggy until then) followed by a 90min turbo workout and a short t-run.

The day will end with an awesome massage by Donald- I don't know what I'm gonna do to replace him when I move to California :( tear.

As an aside, Kinesio tape rocks my world! I don't get it...I've read and read about the reasoining behind it's wonders but it still amazes me.

I definitely plan on having my hip and shoulder taped by Dr. Mulhall Thursday before leaving for AZ so I can race with it on. I really suck at doing it myself especially on my hip because I have to lay down to stretch it and then can't see where to tape. On my shoulder I have no clue what's the proper way and google/youtube aren't much help.