Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Morning Group Ride

Yes! Finally!!! I was able to go on the ride. It was the coolest thing ever!!!...for the less than 5min that it lasted haha.
There were I think 5 guys, all really nice, but definitely wondering what the hell I was thinking :)
From the get-go it was FAST and as soon as the paceline shifted I let the gap get too big and they were out of my sight.
So I kept at it trying to meet them at the bottom of the first small climb around the lake (by the Bathhouse) but I underestimated their speed and when I got there they were already down and onto the second part of the park.
By now I realized I had to hammer to meet them at another point- I skipped loving hills and planned to catch them at the Paddleboats. It was perfect timing but then....yea I brilliantly dropped my chain. (I should get my shifting down before I attmept to keep up with them huh? hehe)
After that, my chances were over, until next time. So I rode 2 more loops and did a couple of hill repeats and then home.
I can't wait to go again and keep up for longer and longer each time. My long term goal- to be able to pull part of that ride ;)