Sunday, April 6, 2008


Today was great, in fact the whole week was. This morning I went on the 8:30 RBM South Ride. Jenny and Wes, both good friends that work at the Garland store did the ride so that was cool. Normally they do the 9am one that drops all but the greatest cyclists in Dallas, but they offered to come along and introduce me to their roadie friends.
I haven't done that route since Sept of last year training for Kona as all of my rides 2hrs or less I can get done at White Rock without the hassle of going through major traffic areas and getting a potential flat in the middle of nowhere. So I was excited to finally get out of the city and ride with a good group.
There were about 20 people and I managed to stay in the front 5 or 6 the whole time, except during two bigger climbs that I got dropped to middle and 1 attack. The other couple of sprints I responded quite well on. It was great riding as I stayed in training pace about 80-90% of the time, and the rest low to mid race pace.
We got back in about 2:20 so I added a loop of White Rock with Loving Hills and made it back to the shop at 3hrs on the dot :)
After that, I came home for a while before my hour run. My legs actually felt loose on the run, though they were a little heavy starting out. It took about 20min to settle into rythm but I was loving the awesome weather we had yesterday and today.
Oh yea....about turned out to be a blast. The water was freakin cold but the sun was beaming after about 15min of being in the water so with a wetsuit I was fine after the warm up.
Then most of us did an hour run from the marina to my favorite running stretch- the DAM ;)....a 4mile out and back as narrow as a golf cart path with no shade and shrubs on the sides overlooking the lake.
To top everything off my brother did his first sprint today, the Spenco Sprint, at the Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels and got 1st in 19 and under! Not only that but he was 3rd overall out of the water and followed his race strategy perfect: all out on the swim, training pace on the bike unless using the draft of an athlete that passes you, and all out on the run....(sound familiar? haha, Ahmed's race strategy for me that I blew off at Lonestar).
So now he's hooked too, oh God my poor parents, now there's two of us!!
Actually him, my mom, and dad, are coming up next weekend for the Playtri Festival. I'm having my mom do some volunteering probably at body marking or giving out finishers medals. My brother will be doing the duathlon, and I'll be doing the sprint- both on Saturday.
So, that's that. Now I have to attend to a hell of a lot of homework that has yet to be touched!