Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Everything's feeling great. I'm a little stressed out with school this week but by next Wed my life will be all smiles :)
It felt awesome to get back in the weight room, after about 3 wks without it on the schedule, and surprisingly I wasn't sore the next day. Yesterday after a 30min run in the morning we had a small group ride with Ahmed...actually only Josh (Cohen), this other guy, and me. I did my first hour solo training pace around the lake then the second hour Ahmed followed us around in the scooter as we did single leg drills and hill repeats. Finally the weather is hot and humid!
Then I went to dinner with some friends to Cafe Izmir. It's a mediterranean/tapas place on Greenville about 2mi from my house but I'd never eaten there. The food was awesoem and we ate A LOT! The only downside was the service was the SLOWEST in the world- we got there at 8:30 and left at 11pm and not because we were just sitting talking but literally waiting that long for all the food.
Anyway after I got home I was dead and being so stuffed knocked me out till mid-morning :) which was awesome cuz I got about 9hrs of sleep...usually I can't sleep more than 7-8 haha.
Tomorrow I'll be toughing out the 6am group ride seeing how long I can sit on their wheel this time. Then off to track in the afternoon.
Two more weeks until I leave for Mexico, man time is flying!! After I get back from that race hopefully I'll head home for about a week or two to be with my bro before he races CapTex. I might race too and do the sprint as a tune-up for Vancouver....we'll see.
Alright I'm out-