Thursday, April 24, 2008

If I had one wish....

It would be that everyday were a Thursday :)so I could do the 6am ride over and over and over. I went into the ride today determined to hang on for at least half a loop, though I knew it would be a tough effort as my legs were pretty sore when I woke up. It's amazing how just 3wks off weights can get you feeling the burn when you try to get back in the gym.
The start was just me and another guy, apparently the storm from last night had the others waiting to join mid-loop or the second one. After about 1/4mile another guy hopped on and I hung on for the ENTIRE loop, even the hill by the bathhouse- no problem. The cool thing too was, once again Ahmed was right, (except for at hills) it's not a physical issue of why i would get dropped it's all concentration. So I never lost focus and pacelined well to stay in touch the whole time. I did the first Loving Hill and then skipped the other two, cuz the hills they do kill me on, and got back on at the paddleboats. By the end of the first loop and start of the second our group was up to about 8 guys, and me...and I think there was a girl that jumped in mid-second loop. I did the same hills the second time, and then by the third loop my legs were pretty done so I dropped back, rode training pace for about 35min and then cool down to the car.
Now my legs are super sore hehe so track will be an added effort for sure :)