Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tomorrow summer officially begins! It's kind of scary because this is the LAST summer of my life- yup, that's right as of May 2009 I will have graduated college (actually I'm a December '08 grad). It seems like just yesterday I was in high school, heck even elementary school, but time has wizzed by and a few months from now I'll have to face "the real world".
My main focus when I finish school will be training. As having a full time job is not an option with the training committment required to meet my athletic goals, and even a part time job has fixed hours too, I've been thinking hard about how I'm going to put food on the table.
Even as we speak, it kills me to know that I still rely on my parents financially. I'm very independent and yearn to make my own living. My strong character and independence also results in my inability to take orders from others. I've done the internship thing and cannot fathom the thought of having a boss. The only bosses I want in my life are my parents and my coach.
So, I will pursue my dream of starting my own business. Right now I'm done with writing the business plan and all that's left is making the treck to City Hall to get my business license, put my info on the web, start handing out flyers and business cards, and get rolling. I won't disclose what my idea/business is until it is absolutely finalized and ready to go for security reasons. Needless to say, it is something that I'm very passionate about and trust will make a difference in many people's lives....and hopefully years to come, will bring about change throughout the country.
Wish me luck this summer on triathlon and my new company!!!!