Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm going to be soooo glad when this week is over. Yesterday was the management final, today's the sports marketing one, and tomorrow my group and I give our presentation on the Container Store (also for mngmt class), and after is the marketing research final!!
Today I have to somehow fit in a span of about 4 hours post morning classes, a 1hr run, 1hr bike, 30min ez swim, 1hr massage, and lunch/dinner to make it to a group meeting by 5pm. AHHH crazy!
By tomorrow night, I'll be happy knowing it's over and begin packing for Collegaite Nationals- we leave Friday morning. I'll be heading to Alabama with Mina and Jeannine (Roberto's GF) so it'll be a cool girl's trip.
Ironically, there's been a freeze in Alabama and this morning's read 35F!! Sat's supposed to be low 50s in the AM and 70s by I'm expecting to be cold. Well, regardless it's should be a great race and I can't wait.
I'll post a race report after and share a bit about the experience of watching the Olympic Trials which take place shortly after our race.