Friday, April 4, 2008

Joe Pool Lake Brick Saturday

Tomorrow myself, the other insane Playtri people, and a couple others who better know what they're in for, are doing a 2hr open water swim session with Ahmed, followed by a 1hr training pace run.
I should be very excited about this as there's nothing more I need than to master open water swimming- be able to hang on to my draft, sight properly, and transfer pool speed to lakes/oceans. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to a reunion of the Hawaii camp "Again"s, but this time we'll be in 50deg weather with 55-62deg water... Fun!!
If we were shivering between race-start-simulations in Kona, I can't imagine how freakin' cold we'll (or at least for sure, I'll) be tomorrow. Good news is by the time we run it will be mid 60s haha...I shouldn't be saying this in April, in Texas, but unfortunately I don't own that magic button.
Anyway, that'll be it for Saturday and then Sunday I'll be doing the South Ride with the 8:30am RBM group. The weather should be great by then and I like that route which I haven't done since Sept. last year.
Next week will be busy as I have a massive business presentation and will be working the Playtri Race as packet-pick up and volunteer coordinator as well as racing the Sprint Saturday. Then Collegiate Natl's the weekend after :)
Things are clicking along- today was an ez 1hr spin. Yesterday was a great day with that ride, a swim, and track in the evening...last track workout with the IM AZ superstars- Aaron, Ron, and Todd- until they're back and fully recovered (David- you too but you weren't at track :)If you're one of the lucky ones- see you tomorrow at the lake!