Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home and Ready

What a fun weekend...the city was beautiful, the course was fun, I had a good race, and I had two awesome people to share it with- thanks Mina & Jeannine ;)
Mina actually missed out on an awesome Mediterranean hole-in-the-wall that Jeannine adn I discovered after dropping her off at the airport in our search for Jamba Juice (I know, awkward) ha. This place had a sign that said fresh smoothies...we had given up on finding JJ and were headed back to the hotel. Walking in I immediately smelled and saw the awesome food- best hummus EVER, and they did have fresh fruit smoothies so we had those and then couldn't resist staying for dinner as well.

Anyway, the travel was smooth, came home ate and took a long nap. Then it was homework, unpacking, and getting ready for the week. Intense training ahead this wk-approx 20hrs and some awesome workouts: Tues Group ride, Thurs Group ride, Thurs track (I love track!!), Sat a 63mile ride at the Germanfest Rally in Muenster (spelling?) TX with Todd Terry, a 90min run Sun (yay for long run!), 3X weights, and swims.

I'm guessing two similar wks then a mellow one before U23s in Mex May 17.

I just can't wait to be done with school. The countdown is on.

P.S. anyone in the Dallas area wanting part time help (preferably work I can do at home via email etc) let me know. Training all day is great but I love keeping busy and extra $$ is more than wonderful to me right now.