Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back to the Basics

Yea, it's early Sunday morning but I passed out in bed by 9 last night. The Muenster rally was a blast. The route was really cool...some good hills throughout and good roads. I rode with Todd the whole time and we were moving at a pretty nice pace. All together it was about 65miles...took us a little over 3hrs. After, this lady that Todd's friends knew let us shower at her house which was awesome, and then we walked a couple of blocks down to the German Festival. That was cool, a good mix of people...the funniest- polar opposite types of riders- Harley guys and roadies/triathletes, ha.
Training's ticking along smoothly. Today Jeannine and I are heading to the JCC about 45min before the masters swim to meet with this guy Chris, who coaches an awesome local high school team as well as the masters program there, to get stroke help. Yup, back to learn to swim from step 1. As the season has already started, I'll be incorporating the new stuff slowly because any new changes are sure to throw me off whack for a couple of weeks.
After that we're planning on grabbing some breakfast and then I have a long (90min) run, that I'll have to do on the treadmill, FUN!!! Ha, not really...but it's pouring outside.
Well, as predicted another heavy wk to follow, again a little over 20hrs, and then race wk.
3 more days and 2 presentations left till summer!!!