Sunday, February 1, 2009

Surf City Half

What a gorgeous day and a great event! It was sooo foggy driving down that I didn't think it would clear up for the race, but by mile 3 or 4, the skies were clear and the sun was shining :)
I felt a little fresher, or at least more into training rythm, going into this race than the SoCal Half two wks ago. I had a mellower week leading up to it after the solid 3 wk block that ended last wknd with the ride up to Julian Saturday.
So I wasn't expecting something spectacular but definitely wanted to beat my time from SoCal and break 1:30. Mission accomplished. I ended up with 1:28 and was stoked.
What made it all the better was having my legs be screamin' at the end with my breathing at a steady to mod-hard perceived effort. It's a good feeling so early in the year to know that my aerobic fitness can yield a faster time than today with rest leading up to an event. I cannot wait to kick into the season with Honu!
Now it's time to head to a friend's to watch the Super Bowl and chill before resuming the hard work tomorrow :)