Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On Tap

Monday I rolled out of bed SORE. No overall fatigue, which is good, but lower legs were not happy. So I made it a late morning and then headed to the pool around noon for an ez 45min swim followed by endless hot tub time- that may or may not have helped ;)
Today was back at it. My recovery is going amazing. Training keeps rolling along and my body speaks about the hard efforts here and there but my energy's back on full the day after- love it!
It's breaststroke week at masters so I substituted all that stroke work for fly and back. I have zero intentions of learning how to swim like a talented frog.
Another beautiful day in the 80s- it still hasn't hit me that I will not experience winter this year haha. After dropping the kids at school, I did a short ez 30min run on the trail which resulted in 12-15min/mile shuffle and that's overstating my performance. So I knew it was time for another massage. Ez hr spin on the trainer, a looong nap and massage to get me good as new for tomorrow.
What's tomorrow? The coolest ever: 3hr ride w/ a 30min TT at the 90min mark- ALL OUT! :D It can't get better than that. I think I'm going to do it on the flatter stretch of the road out to the canyon after rush hr which gives me time to chill and eat a big breakfast (aka my killer french toast).
More exciting news...I officially registered for Hawaii 70.3 today!! My biggest goal for that race is to absolutely demolish my time from 2007 (and as many other people racing as possible, of course hehe).
Also, I'm training a lady for her first triathlon which is giving me a really cool new perspective. I hope to find the time to add on 2-3 other clients as well. We'll see as the yr and harder/more training hrs pop up how much spark I have left over for all that.
Well, that's it for now. Time to hit the sack. Tomorrow starts early, like 4:30am early, as I'm training my client before she heads to work. Hopefully I can crawl back to bed for at least 1hr after that.