Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I am finally back home after what was supposed to be a 1.5hr drive took 3hrs because I deviated to San Diego....somewhere I missed the toll road exit that was going to take me to Mission Viejo- OOPS!

Anyway, the ride was phenomenal!! We had clear skies, and though it was chilly, I was fully equipped this time so as not to be even slightly cold :)

I wanted to push hard on this ride and it was a great route to do it on. Plus there were plenty of strong riders to keep me going. My coach, Julie D, and I started out together but we ended up splitting and randomly catching back up to one another throughout. In the end I finished solo with some other peeps.

I parked on a perfect spot- after I changed I looked straight ahead, not more than 50ft from my car there was a cute little sushi place. Given that I am hard to please at restaurants....I don't do bad service, and if I'm going to tip and pay a big mark-up then I had better get something better than my own cooking. Hehe. So, immediately I knew this hole-in-the-wall was spot on! I had a fabulous crab/avocado roll, some tuna nigiri, a grilled salmon with veggies, and extra sticky rice. YUMMY!!!! Perfect.

When I arrived home after endless miles, it was straight to the hot tub and then straight to the fridge.

Now I gotta get in the shower and take off this chlorine smell.

Tomorrow I'll be doing AM masters and a run...and next wknd- Tritonman Sprint :D

Cheers, hope everyone has a good v-day.