Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fast Pace

For one, that describes my incredible run this morning. Even after a great night's sleep yesterday, I thought my morning run wouldn't feel so good- I mean the century was a pretty mod-hard (mostly hard) effort.
So when I got out the door for what was supposed to be 45min, I was feeling super rested so I decided to just run an extended loop of Lake Mission Viejo from the house- a very hilly but scenic route, all road- without consideration for time or other words just roll as I feel. From the get-go I was bouncy. I was able to get into a great rythm right away and run a fast, yet almost effortless run. I got home in 55min, ate breakfast #2 and then headed to masters.
Swimming was a very fun IM set that made the session go by quickly which is always a bonus ;) Chris made it to swim today too after a couple days away from the water- good to see ya bud!
Then I went out to train my client for 1hr of swimming and back to nap for the remainder of the afternoon.
Tomorrow starts a fast paced two weeks. Monday through Wed I'll be ticking off swims, short runs, and a moderate paced 3hr ride Wed, plus training my client Mon/Wed. Then Wed afternoon I pick up AnnMarie and Scott from the airport. Friday I take AnnM to her grandparent's and make the drive down to Encinitas where I'll stay the night for my first tri of '09 Sat morning! I cannot wait to flatline for roughly an hour. Then I might head up to LA to stay with a friend, watch the Tour roll through and get in a long ride Sunday before driving back home.
The week after, Nadia & Michael get back from their extended trip and I depart for San Antonio Feb 25th!!!
I'm sooooo excited to see my parents, my little bro, and get to work with Kevin ( I'll be there for 3 days- until the 28th- doing some analysis of my current position and riding technique, fixing my bike fit to the last detail, doing a photo shoot, going over a marketing campaign that we'll launch by mid-year, and picking out components/desigining my new custom Parlee TT!!!!!!!!!!!!
The theme for my new bike and race outfit will be very Hawaiian, let's just leave it at that for now ;)
Then I'll get back and the next day drive down to SD for the Gran Fondo Century March 1st!
Dang, busy busy....but all in good fun and purpose.