Sunday, February 8, 2009

Frozen Hell

That's what my weekend was like. Riding in rain and temps in the 40-50s. Add to that my decision not to wear toe covers (actually it's cuz they're in San Antonio, being shipped by my mom nxt wk, and I didn't want to spend $ on new ones), and you get misery. Of course, it's misery that only makes me stronger. The greatest part about putting yourself through such uncomfortable situations is the feeling once you're showered, feet up, and eating pounds of food :D
This week's efforts and mental struggles will come into play later in the season. For now I'm really hoping that the forecast for next weekend is WAY wrong- it says that Palm Springs will be rainy and cold Saturday! WTF?! It's like a plague. Anyway, I've decided never to have to thaw my feet again, so regardless I'm buying booties, rain-resistant socks, a hoodie, everything to stay warm.
Tomorrow I'm sleeping in and then swimming 9am, or noon masters. No run, I think....a long one Tues though. Then it will all be mellow gearing up for long rides again Fri & Sat (pray for warmth!!!).