Friday, February 20, 2009

I think It's All Good

This week has flown by. Training is rockin'. After a couple of gloomy days with rain/cold, the sun finally popped out for my longish ride on Wednesday. I still had to wear jacket, pants, gloves, etc as I rolled out early, but it makes a huuuge difference to be under shiny clear skies. I was surprised out how fresh my legs felt despite the 5hr up tempo work in Palm Springs.
Yesterday though I may have screwed myself a bit hehe...I got a little carried away in the weight room. Typically I do weights after another morning session is over so by then I'm not as sparky, but it was 5am and I was ready to go. So what was supposed to be 30min light, mostly upper body, got turned into 1:15 with plyometrics and other leg machines added. Bad call....especially given that I had a massage the evening prior. So of course, my right IT/quad tightened up and it's been bugging me since then. I've gotten in the hot tub a lot to loosen it up before swims and runs but it's still tight and sore.
The good thing is I know it's just tightness and soreness from overdoing the gym a bit. Yesterday afternoon I even had an awesome run on the trail. I was rolling just under 7s pace at a steady perceived effort- can't ask for much more than that at this point. That was followed by some pick ups that were yielding a waaaay higher cadence than usual- it was kind of scary, in a good way of course ;)
So, today I got up to beat the sunrise with a morning swim, had some great scrambled eggs w/ brown rice for breakfast and will be getting on the trainer outside for an ez spin followed by a short loosen-up run. I think I'll jump back in the hot tub one last time after all that just to give the hip/IT/quad thing one more working. Then it's feeding the girls and driving down to Encintas for the race tomorrow!!
Game plan is to puke my brains out! Ha.