Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's gonna be a wet one

Another couple of wet cold(er) days are in store- according to the weather people. Of course they're wrong more than half of the time, but judging by the air outside right now, their predictions are close.
It's 3:45am, I should be dreaming right now but I slept a good 8 hrs and might as well head to 5am masters.
Yesterday's ride could not have gone better. I nailed the TT and felt phenomenal not more than 2mins after it was done. Had I the option of riding a lot longer, I totally would have. My legs were awake and ready to work.
Today and tomorrow are shorter- 1hr each s/r/r. Then Saturday will be 5hrs, probably in the rain! Coolness.
Next week will hopefully start back with the normal warm summer temps we've been experiencing as that weekend is the Palm Springs Century which I cannot wait to do!
Every weekend holds some awesome training event and the weeks & months are ticking by fast. It makes it a bit hard to stop and really absorb every second of this amazing year that's unfolding, but I try to remind myself every day to sieze it, own it, and grow it.