Thursday, May 8, 2014

IT LIVES ON!! And I'm off to Cabo San Lucas!!

Rather than start a whole new personal blog, I thought it best to dig up and dust off the one that already holds so many wonderful experiences and memories, and keep adding to the journey!

If you follow me on any form of social media, you'll know I moved away from my first love, Encinitas, to the chaos and claustrophobia of LA- jk it's not that bad....ok maybe it is- to find a job; and after months of no luck in getting hired because I'm technically a foreigner, I hit a hard wall of frustration...and to be honest, depression.

I believe in living your best life and doing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING it takes to be happy- which I define as loving your present moment. Regardless of beliefs/religion, nearly all of us can agree that our thoughts have enormous power to attract what we seek, or don't seek. Your dreams will literally manifest into your reality.

That said, I couldn't sit around and envision what I wanted, and expect it to fall from the sky. But in firmly believing that something positive and significant would stem from my immigration issue and inability to get hired in the US (I applied to some jobs in cities that I now look back and laugh- I would never live there!), there's not a drop of doubt that it led to the actions, and reactions from others that paved the way for the move to Cabo.

People have asked if I regret moving to LA, and if I would've have been better off staying where I was happy in San Diego. No. I learned so much and had tremendous personal and spiritual growth from my time in LA. It taught me what I value, and made me realize that what we often think is a problem or disadvantage, turns out to be our greatest asset and the key to unlocking the door to our purpose in life.

On a lighter note, it forced the break on triathlon that I wanted and needed, and allowed me to have some fun like a regular 26yr old. I think I took from that city as much as it could offer some one like me- ran in most of the incredible trails, swam in nearly all the pools, went out to some fabulous restaurants, bars/clubs, did the whole epic gym fitness classes, got the Hollywood beauty and shopping pampering, and unleashed plenty of road rage in the endless traffic.

So on to explain how the Cabo lightbulb went off... My mom and I were in Pebble Beach a couple of months ago, having dessert and a drink at a packed bar during the annual celebrity golf tournament. An older gentleman next to me started to make conversation- haha- and when he asked "what do you do?"...well let's just say that's a question that cracks me up inside. I mean how can you put into a bar-quick-response "well I used to be an athlete, with a part time job, which I don't want to turn full time because it's not what I'm interested in nor skilled at and there's no room for growth in it, and then I hurt my low back which prevented me from getting my athlete visa...and trying to find a full time job is pretty much impossible because I'm Mexican, and let's not even get started on explaining immigration-law!"

I just kept it at "I'm in between jobs, and having a really hard time because I'm a Mexican Citizen". Long story short, he learned that I studied marketing and my family has been in real estate a long time, which I love but could never practice in the States, and he very simply asked "well why don't you move to Cabo?!" Click!..and he gave me the name of the top agency there. All along, the only option in my mind had been Mexico City- it's where all my extended family lives and obviously where all the major companies and jobs are. But I feared moving to Mexico City like I can't explain! If LA beat me up, Mexico City is LA on steroids.

The tremendous development in Cabo was nothing new to me, but what I hadn't realized is that I'd basically be moving to an extension of SoCal- it's safe, comfortable, and paradise for someone who adores nature and open spaces. The company I'll be working for, Snell Real Estate, is almost entirely comprised of Americans, and we deal nearly everything in English with foreign buyers/sellers.

In hindsight, I now know that subconsciously every time I'd go to a job interview I was terrified at what would happen if they hired me. Partly generational, partly conditional, I have no clue how to handle a 9-5 desk job, and if there's one thing I loath about our society is the idealization of a suit and tie, all day clock-in that yields 2 weeks a year of vacation and an inability to really enjoy life until retirement. If you work a 9-5 but you're in something that is absolutely your passion and gives you motivation and satisfaction more often than not- then that's fantastic. After years spent as an athlete with a remote part time job, I am accustomed to setting my own schedule, and since childhood have been highly driven with a strong work ethic. Thus my ideal job gives me ample room for growth/success based on my own effort, and allows me to control my own time: real estate.

Wasting no time, my mom and I visited Cabo late March and I met with the folks at Snell, signed with them, and in one day, literally the first showing I found my condo! This is where the manifestation of your dreams goes from truth to down right freaky....How is it that with two days left in Cabo, and just 3 potential residences to look at, the first one is ocean front condominiums sharing property with a five start resort, and a Mexican replica of my favorite place in Kona- the Mauna Lani grounds. Not only that, but the Italian lady that owns this condo needed a long term rental and so I got an unheard of price for this gem. Looking at the desert mountain back ground, with a single low traffic highway separating it from the gorgeous blue ocean waters, I couldn't help but sit down and say "thank you, universe for bringing me my little piece of Hawaii to Mexico".

My lease is only good until January that the Italian lady returns so at that point my carriage turns into a pumpkin, lol. However, again, there's never any use worrying, because I'll either find another long term rental in that same place, or life will have an even better option for me lined up!;)

I sold my car the day after returning from Cabo, and in two weeks packed up my furniture into a storage unit in San Diego, and flew to TX for the few weeks before the final move to Mexico. The stone carved plan is to earn my way back to the US with my tourist visa, and eventually buy a vacation house in Encinitas so I can split my time as I please.

Now in TX, months removed from triathlon, stressed and de-stressed, I've gotten back on the saddle literally and figuratively, and will try to race Cozumel 70.3 in September. There's still a delusional thought that I can do another Ironman, and hopefully return to Kona. But this time I won't be doing it for myself. If I can get my back to allow me to race another Ironman, I will be raising money for youth triathlon in Mexico, and local kids in Cabo.

First things first- getting settled into a "new" country and focusing on my career, and personal life. Then whatever travels and enjoyment I seek will come naturally. If I can offer up one advice it's to not fight or resist obstacles. You're faced with them for a reason. Let them teach you and upgrade you. When you're in sync with your purpose and living a life of significance, everything flows with beautiful harmony.

P.S. there's a lot of entertaining steps for this move that I can't wait to share with ya'll: getting a car in/to Cabo, getting a Mexican license, switching phones/what to do with my data plans, how do you live without Whole Foods?!, figuring out the banking situation....8 days till my family and I go down there to figure all this out, and then they leave me there on the tip of the Baja Peninsula!!!!!