Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Arriving in Cabo

Anything that provides surges of adrenaline and intense excitement or anxiety filling my stomach with butterflies pumps me up and propels me onward like I'm on "speed". The last few days before flying over to Cabo were all of that and more.

I rented a furnished place and that coupled with the fact that winter is non-existent here, guaranteed a much easier move. But, alas, I'm a girl, and you can never have enough cute tops, sundresses, or sandals...and since I signed up for IM 70.3 Cozumel, I had to take my bike. Not just the bike, a trainer too- I'll be busy working and with afternoons that can get over 100F, I need a quick indoor option. Admittedly, I also want to lower my chances of becoming road kill. On top of that, as much as I've tried to reduce my neurosis over the years, I still pack my favorite little food items wherever I go so I gathered everything I couldn't live without from Whole Foods (it was a lot) and stuffed it with a massive Powerbar order to hold me down through Coz.

Anyway, it ended up looking like this: (shoe/purse suitcase, 2 clothes suitcases, bike trainer, bike, nutrition/food suitcase).

Since my mom and brother were also coming along for a few days, we hit the airport with a ridiculous amount of luggage- thankfully it all made it to Mexico without a problem! The lovely lady from US Air even offered us a first class upgrade which would dismiss our overweight baggage fees:)

We landed in Cabo on Saturday night and made it to my place at almost 10pm. My 20 yr old brother is still a little boy, so he was intent on walking the beach with a flashlight to hear the waves "spot cool things" and see the stars... lol ok. It was actually awesome, because the night sky here is UNREAL, and at the Dreams Hotel next door they were shooting fireworks. 

The next day, my mom and I headed out at 7am to drive 2.5hrs to Pichilingue (don't worry it's a tongue twister to me as well) just north of La Paz, to pick up my car that was coming on a ferry from Mazatlan in mainland Mexico. 

It was the smoothest road trip ever! Highway 19 which takes you all the way there from Cabo is amazing!! There were only a handful of cars the entire 114 miles there, and as a triathlete, it was exciting to see tons of cyclists- even groups with sag vehicles- enjoying the incredible shoulder and perfectly paved hilly road.  

For those curious on riding there: my plan is to park at the Mega or some other large parking lot, and avoid the little streets from Hwy 1 through the town of Cabo over to the 19 (it's like 2 miles but a lot of cars and lights). Ideally, I'd be leaving from Diamante which is on Hwy 19 and you can click the link to this incredible property; but in short it's a residential/resort community with a 10acre saltwater lagoon (no motor sports), a state of the art gym, 3 Tiger Woods designed golf courses, a spectacular outdoor lap pool...etc.

Once we got to La Paz, we had a bit of time to kill and stopped at this cute little hotel restaurant for coffee and breakfast called La Perla. I had never been to La Paz and it is stunning! Like Cabo, many Canadians and Americans are spending a few or more months a year here for the weather, mellow life, and outdoor fun: surfing, paddling, running, snorkeling. Along the 25 min drive from La Paz to Pichilingue, we saw a handful of desolate beaches with shallow turquoise water and a glassy surface. It looked like a perfect weekend road trip from Cabo to escape any and all civilization:) 

Like all Mexican situations, we didn't have to wake up as early as we thought because the 10am scheduled arrival of the ferry actually got in at 11, and my car followed a literal magic trick of a thousand 18 wheelers coming out of that ferry first. That ferry is huge, I went inside and actually got to drive my car out :) but I still don't, and probably never will, understand how that many ginormous trucks came out of it. By the time we were on the road back to Cabo it was 1pm. 

The cool thing was being able to haul ass in my new car with no worry of getting pulled over. I kept it at 90-100 and maybe a bit over hehe.  

Finally back home, my mom and I couldn't wait to join Daniel in the water! We spent hours playing in the waves, and got a couple of fun, scary close calls!

We also discovered, that on my same grounds, is Las Ventanas- one of Cabo's most luxurious resorts. That, and Zoetry Hotel, which is the one my apartment corresponds to, leaving me thrilled to welcome friends and family to an amazing vacation spot in Cabo! 

Famished, we had no desire to wonder where to eat so we went back to Pocho's in the Marina, which my mom and I adored when we were here in March, and devoured some ceviche, grilled mahi, and drinks!! Also, I met this guy...
Yesterday, I went into Snell, to get all my paperwork done to get rolling with my business (www.cabobytatiana.com)!! But before that, I got in a morning run from my condo on the Cabo Real Golf Course - stunning!!! Sadly, I didn't take my phone for a pic this time- mainly because I have no Pandora in Mexico :'( 

The trip had finally caught up to us as we napped for hours that afternoon and woke up only to head to San Jose to gorge on incredible Mexican food at Las Guacamayas. This place after a long, hot training day is going to be epic!! It's cheap and sooooo goooood!!!! 

Up on the left, inside the arch, is the pastor (pork), slow roasting to perfection with a pineapple on top....it might be my favorite thing on earth, especially after last night. 

Now Tuesday, I was chomping at the bit to ride outside (did a short trainer ride yesterday), and got in roughly 20miles from my place to Palmilla, turned around to the Sheraton grounds, and back home. 

Contrary to what most people think, and what I had heard about riding here, I got more respect and peace of mind than in most roads I've ridden in Texas and California. With groups, I've had glass bottles thrown at us, and out in East County San Diego, a few girlfriends and I were almost intentionally murdered by some drugged out idiot in a Jeep that slammed his breaks right in front of me (in the shoulder) as I was in front while we were all descending a big hill! 
The thing that makes it sketchy here is some of the great shoulder isn't regularly swept, so when it narrows for bridges/bypasses, you have to get on the white line/regular lane and buses don't like making room for you. Once Cabo adjusts to more cyclists on the road- and I saw a few this morning- they'll learn how to react better, but they are definitely not disrespectful. 

A quick shower, and hit Costco with my parents, and now we're off to rent some jet skis at Medano Beach to ride over to the famous Arch. I'll have plenty more pics and stuff to share once we do that, explore Diamante, do the zip lining and mountain biking, and check out other beaches!