Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I better post a sick swim time

I've been in the water prety much everyday. My knee still hurts. Monday I did 45min running and after 20 I was in pain but had to get back home so ran through it for the remainder. Yesterday I thought it was progressing nonetheless as there was no added soreness/pain so I went out on my scheduled 90min run. Bad move. 35min pain-free then every 10min after that it was stopping to massage the heck out of the "patellar tendon". At 1:10 I finally got back on the trail home and the smoother surface allowed me to pick up the pace and somehow I was pain free till the end. It didn't get any worse through the afternoon though it was a bit bothersome at noon swim. So I want to believe I didn't set myself back more with that piecemeal 90min effort.
I'm back at KP's today for more ART. The more I research online (a scary place to search for injury help), the more I think it's meniscus damage. It hurts on the inner side next to the patella. Anyhow, the plan is to keep consistent this week and just maintain fitness by becoming a water animal and doing 20-45min runs and rides. Wow, that's some great training 4 weeks out from a key race huh?!
Spring Sprint may be out of the question right now but we'll see how the week plays out. It's annoying not to be 100% sure what is hurt. I hope this goes away by the Sunday because another week with recovery training is deadly.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

One More Day

Just 24 hrs and I can run and ride. It's been since Wednesday that I've run and since Thursday that I've been on the bike. I went out for 2.5hrs Thurs and by the time I got home I was limping my knee hurt so bad.
Firday I went in to see Brian Kildow who is hands down the best ART guy I've met. It was painful but we think we got to the source of the problem. So yesterday I swam masters and lo and behold, I swam great. It felt fast and effortless- seems like recovery/forced rest does that.
I'm going pretty crazy not being able to do much else, however. Thankfully the Mayers have me pretty entertained. Fri and yesterday we went to Gavyn's baseball games which are really fun to watch. The kids are surprisingly good. Friday they made a triple play haha it was so cute they probably had no clue how it happened but were just stoked it did. Then yesterday one of the kids hit a home run waaay out of the fence!
After we went to Besta Wan- this cute little hole in the wall in Cardiff and got to see the sunset on the drive home- perfect.
Oh, also, Friday afternoon I went down to the public library just down the street and managed to find a brand-new John Grisham's "The Broker" for $1!! OMG I hadn't been to a public library since my Africa project in third grade and I must say it rocks! So I've been reading that.
I hope to add to that book blog ( as I left it blank after Outliers. See I had started The Appeal but it was just boring so I put that down after a few chapters, a complete replay of the plot in Erin Brokovich.
Though now that I've finished Blink and am about to be done with The Broker, I'll be keeping that rolling. Plus, my life was a little hectic until post-camp to be doing any productive reading.
As I sit here writing I'm scared to death that Monday I'll hit the road to run and ride and my body will be like "uhhhm, what are you asking me to do? How do I do this running and biking thing?" I just hate forced rest. True, it can be a blessing in disguise sometimes, as was my collarbone break last July, but one month out from Honu when I've been racking up such incredible consistent training is just BS! Also, there's that lingering doubt of whether my knee will be absolutely clear by tomorrow or still bug me.
I'm hoping it's the former and I can bank some good running mileage and key half-specific bike sessions. Next Sunday is Spring Sprint which if all is ok, I'll be gunning to race after all this time off. I'm looking forward to volunteering two days before the race at packet pick up for the IronKids event. I think it's awesome to have kids get involved in multisport at such a young age.
Other exciting news- my mom is coming May 17 (I really really hope!!!!) to help me find a condo so my brother can come spend the whole summer here with me. Now that has me beyond stoked as he's now close enough to my age that we can actually converse and not beat the crap out of each other (or me out of him hehe). It helps too that he's a total triathlon geek so you'll find us on every road/trail in North County. I can't wait to show him around and have him fall in love with SoCal.
Well, that's it, off to read now and wait for 9:45am's gonna be a LONG morning.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My energy levels are pretty good, considering.
Swimming is going really well. I think (key word 'think'), I'm starting to get a "feel for the water". This is very exciting. It makes me dread missing one day of swimming.
My running is super, despite the fact that track is canceled for this week and my long run is delayed for Friday due to a stupid knee pain that's been looming since my 30min TT last week. On the long ride Sunday I had to get ART from Kevin the couple of pit stops.
No bike through today...I think my cleat moved back waaay too much so I moved it to the outlined spot and that seemed to feel good on the trainer this morning.
Running on it hadn't bothered me until after Sunday's ride. Then yesterday's run indicated my knee isn't too stoked on downhills.
Today's run was smooth except it was off of the trainer so I started out hurting and was able to run solid but not comfortably.
Back at coach's house today for deep ART which hopefully does the trick. Swimming after felt good except I couldn't dolphin kick at all- so I'm hoping that's just from the impact of all of the messing around with it this morning.
Agh, pretty frusterating as Sunday I'm scheduled to do another epic hilly ride with Julie, KP and a couple other girls.
Tomorrow is a mid-distance bike to test it out. Pray nothing hurts.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wiped Out

That's me :D
Dead, but not quite all. So today starts week numero seven of ginormous training. Looking back, that would be 49 days with only one completely off day. Nice! Between the piles of long rides, most at mod-hard effort thanks to my brilliance of joining guys, and supermen at the camp, practically daily swims and runs, and weights, and travel and moves thrown in, I'm one tired human.
However, I must make it to Sunday nailing all the training scheduled before recovery the week of Spring Sprint. I am beyond excited, and actually a little nervous, to see what I will feel like that week. I know Mon-Wed are going to be a hellish unloading and then by the weekend I should be roaring to race.
Finishing this block will be a major accomplishment in itself and there are 4 key sessions that must be executed flawlessly. For today, I get to rest until noon swim, then do some TRX/core work and that's it. Every second in between must be spent lounging. I think I can handle that ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Quite a bit has happened since I returned from camp. Monday I moved down to Encinitas- after being in Orange County for 3+ months including two major moves, I wasn't sure I was ready for yet another stressful rearrangement of environment. However, I had to listen to my gut, and every time I would drive down to North County SD, I'd leave with a sinking stomach knowing this is the place I fell in love with two years ago, and this is where I truly want to be and where I can make the most of my training without any other influences.
When gearing up for a race I thrive in a controlled atmosphere where I can live like a Monk. Living in OC was fun, I made some cool friends, enjoyed some late nights out to the movies or friend's house, etc but for the goals I've set I knew I had to be 110% focused and what works for me is 8pm bedtime, 4am wake up, eat, sleep, couch/read, train, train, train.
I was lucky enough to live with a friend down in San Clemente for the month of March but it wasn't going to work much longer as I had to commute roughly 30min to where I swam, ran, and bike, and worked at Edge and had to live out of my car the whole day and eat out which made it hectic recovery wise and financially straining to not be able to cook at home.
I'm stoked to be back with a family that's like my own. Looking back through January, I cannot believe how on earth I was able to be nannying, to have moved in less than a day and a half, to have the luck of selling my road bike just in time to continue to finance some part of my training year, etc. Now that I'm finally at whole peace, I'm consciously aware of just how stressed out I was previously.
Anyway, things have been stellar since camp. I got rolling right into a big week and this one continues similarly. I'll be enjoying a long ride with KP and Julie D Sunday. La Jolla half marathon might be out of the question as it sold out right when I had the cash to pay registration- bummer!! But it looks like I'll be racing Spring Sprint and Encinitas Sprint, both in May and then off to Honu :)
I can't speak as to my speediness or race-readiness right now as I've been plugging away through fatigue since even before camp. Overload is good, sometimes you question yourself though since you start to feel slow but then even 1-2 days of lighter stuff thrown in the big weeks yield a workout that makes you realize "yup, things are improving!". I know when I start to freshen up for Honu the boost of confidence will come and I'll be ready to shred on the Lava fields.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kitt Peak & back home

Saturday was our final ride out to Kitt Peak. We had a knarly headwind the whole way out- 2:35 ride time to the base of the climb- flat w/ some rollers- and about 1hr less back! After my little bout of stomach sickness Wednesday night, apparently my body wasn't absorbing all of the calories going in during my ride so when we got to the base, I was feeling empty. Laura and I started up the 12 mile ascent, which is similar to Palomar- steeper than Lemmon and more switchbacks. Well, I made it to mile 2 before turning around, sometimes it's not a matter of being strong willed- your body just says 'NO'! I had a coke and powerbar filled my 1 water bottle and rode straight shot back alone the 40ish miles to the hotel. It felt kind of sketchy as Gordo and the superhumans- Josh, Anthony, Jeff, and JD were either at the top or on the way down....KP, Alan, Laura, and 1 or 2 others were trying out a couple miles of the climb, and Michelle and Chuck had already turned around home. So the sag wasn't going to catch back up to me therefore my 1 water bottle had to be good for the whole ride back. Tailwind TT'ing made that possible :) I was still feeling drained but at least I was flying.
Back to the hotel it was showering, eating, and laying down before wrapping everything up at dinner.
I learned so much from everyone that went to Tucson, things that will undoubtedly stay with me through my life in the sport and in general. To see and hear about the work ethic that people like Gordo and JD live by in every aspect revolutionized the way I will approach every second of every training session.
Gordo touched on one thing that reassured me of the path I chose for myself after graduation- the concept of failure vs. regret. As does he, I would rather fail and grieve for weeks, months, or years, than live forever with regret of not trying to achieve my goals.
Today we got up for breakfast at 6 and left just past 7. KP nailed the drive home and we arrived around noon. I was super sleepy but suddenly got a surge of energy and the weather was gorgeous so I squeezed in a 50min run on the PCH trail in Encinitas before driving back to Orange County. I then napped for 2hrs and am now waiting until sleepiness hits again which shouldn't take too long.
A big week awaits- easier efforts until Wed to recover but building toward a track session, 2x weights, a big swim, and long ride with some intervals Saturday.
8 weeks till Honu and counting!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


There's nothing good sleep won't fix. After roughly 9hrs of deep coma, I was feeling 95% normal this morning. My appetite was back and I made it to breakfast for some fruit and muffin before the morning long run. Gordo, Josh, DiMarco, Kevin, and I left a couple minutes ahead and got in 90min. Well, actually they quickly left my sight haha but we were all back in the truck after 90 ;)
It was on the awesome "Cactus Trail"- I took the first 30min ez building into whatever steady effort I could muster and despite a few bouts of lightheadedness and queasy stomach feelings I got rolling quite nicely.
Then we came back for breakfast- ahhh it felt so good to be hungry for and able to keep the food in me. We then went to Oro Valley for an hr swim- nothing crazy just a steady set of 500s.
We just got done with lunch not too long ago and I'll likely take a nap after typing this out before a massage at 5pm. Then dinner and bed! Tomorrow, Saturday, is the "uber-long" rde to Kitt Peak from the hotel and back. Supposedly a little over 100miles with some solid climbing mileage and elevation. That will top off the camp. So I basically missed one day (yesterday)- the hourish morning run, long swim (which thankfully Gordo sent via email so I will be doing that in the next few weeks for sure!!), the moderately long ride back up Gates Pass from the Oro pool.
Oh Well, I can't really dwell on what's over and out of my control. Moving on...must be as ready as possible for tomorrow!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Sick

Since 10pm last night I've been throwing up nonstop. It got to the point where I threw up vile (spelling?) and basically air would just cough up. I tried sprite, coke, and saltine crackers sent by the hotel staff in the wee hours of the morning but those didn't stay down at all.
After broken sleep I made my way to the pre-breakfast room where everyone was meeting for the early run. The guys were wonderful and thankfully we have a couple doctors in the camp so I got some advice and starting sipping gatorade, ate a banana by 7am and some pretzels. Those came back out at about 9am and I just slept until now which made me feel a lot better.
I think it's a stomach virus as Celina, David, and Michelle both reported similar symptoms in the last couple of days. Also, I had slight fever and chills (before getting some sleep just now) and that isn't really the case with food poisoning.
I hope a lukewarm shower, endless TV time and a miracle will have me refueled and hydrated for tomorrow. I really don't want to miss Friday and Saturday's training. I've looked forward to this camp since Novemeber last year, wanted to push myself and discover the limits of what I can handle training wise right now, and also feel terrible that the cost of camp is going toward me lounging on my butt the last few days!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tucson Camp Update- before my memory gets fuzzy

Wow, I can't believe it's day 3 and am just starting to write about what an amazing time I'm having. There's an incredible group of athletes here, about 15 total, plus the incredibles- my coach KP, Gordo, Alan Couzens, and Justin Daerr.
We arrived Sunday around 2ish, got settled in Hotel Arizona right in downtown Tucson and then chilled until dinner where we met everyone and laid out the plans for the week ahead.
Monday kicked off with a swim. The mellower group left for the ride up to Madera Canyon at 7:30 sans swim, and those of us that swam followed at 9am. That was an epic, to say the least, route. Not to mention it was windy as hell which made for some stellar Kona training! Total time was just under 6hrs. After that it was chill and dinner.
Yesterday we headed out early for Mt. Lemmon. Everyone started out together and quickly spread out once into the climb. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I was expecting much colder temps on the ascent, well and descent as well ha, but it turned out fabulous. At the top I downed a coke and powerbar and then flew downhill with Marilyn McDonald which was rad. I don't think I hit the brakes once!
After that I did a short 25ish min t-run and then we all headed to the pool for about 40mins before it closed to get in an ez recovery swim. Gordo was doing his "ranger swim" workout which is 10x100s with 10 pushups in between so I copied and got in about 7 at the end. Fun stuff ;)
Today I actually woke up feeling stellar- totally unexpected haha- so opted for the 40mile (actually ended up being 46miles) ride with the "peppy" group led by JD. After Gates Pass we had about a 20mile flat section where we split into two groups, one in front that left 1min ahead and then JD, Josh, forget the other guy's name, and myself playing chase. We planned short pulls to paceline ourselves efficiently in order to catch the first group but I did myself waaaaay in after 6 or so pulls where I basically hammered my legs flat OOPS! hehe. So then I discovered we were going to do that set again, but this time I left with the first group which was way mellow so from there back to the hotel it was just steady effort.
Now I plan on napping until my 1hr run before dinner. However, training overload does crazy things to your reasoning and cravings so I had my first Diet Coke since about 5-6 yrs ago (yes, I'm anti sodas and all other fake foods) so napping isn't looking too plausible haha.
Anyway, I'm hoping to recover from my TT effort today with good food and sleep as tomorrow's the Oro Valley (spelling?) LONG swim and moderate ride back to the hotel.
I'll be posting again Friday or Saturday if I can drag out energy to type lol.