Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Looking for a custom race kit?

My friend and summer homestay while I was in San Diego last year training for IM Hawaii, Kristin Mayer, has launched her new custom race kit/suits website:
If ya'll have seen any of my IM pics or caught me training in the bright/colorful Hawaii theme Protexa race kit...she designed it for me, it's badass. The manufacturer's material is better than anything I've worn.
So check it out cuz in the end it's all about the looks ;)hehe

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tomorrow summer officially begins! It's kind of scary because this is the LAST summer of my life- yup, that's right as of May 2009 I will have graduated college (actually I'm a December '08 grad). It seems like just yesterday I was in high school, heck even elementary school, but time has wizzed by and a few months from now I'll have to face "the real world".
My main focus when I finish school will be training. As having a full time job is not an option with the training committment required to meet my athletic goals, and even a part time job has fixed hours too, I've been thinking hard about how I'm going to put food on the table.
Even as we speak, it kills me to know that I still rely on my parents financially. I'm very independent and yearn to make my own living. My strong character and independence also results in my inability to take orders from others. I've done the internship thing and cannot fathom the thought of having a boss. The only bosses I want in my life are my parents and my coach.
So, I will pursue my dream of starting my own business. Right now I'm done with writing the business plan and all that's left is making the treck to City Hall to get my business license, put my info on the web, start handing out flyers and business cards, and get rolling. I won't disclose what my idea/business is until it is absolutely finalized and ready to go for security reasons. Needless to say, it is something that I'm very passionate about and trust will make a difference in many people's lives....and hopefully years to come, will bring about change throughout the country.
Wish me luck this summer on triathlon and my new company!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back to the Basics

Yea, it's early Sunday morning but I passed out in bed by 9 last night. The Muenster rally was a blast. The route was really cool...some good hills throughout and good roads. I rode with Todd the whole time and we were moving at a pretty nice pace. All together it was about 65miles...took us a little over 3hrs. After, this lady that Todd's friends knew let us shower at her house which was awesome, and then we walked a couple of blocks down to the German Festival. That was cool, a good mix of people...the funniest- polar opposite types of riders- Harley guys and roadies/triathletes, ha.
Training's ticking along smoothly. Today Jeannine and I are heading to the JCC about 45min before the masters swim to meet with this guy Chris, who coaches an awesome local high school team as well as the masters program there, to get stroke help. Yup, back to learn to swim from step 1. As the season has already started, I'll be incorporating the new stuff slowly because any new changes are sure to throw me off whack for a couple of weeks.
After that we're planning on grabbing some breakfast and then I have a long (90min) run, that I'll have to do on the treadmill, FUN!!! Ha, not really...but it's pouring outside.
Well, as predicted another heavy wk to follow, again a little over 20hrs, and then race wk.
3 more days and 2 presentations left till summer!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

If I had one wish....

It would be that everyday were a Thursday :)so I could do the 6am ride over and over and over. I went into the ride today determined to hang on for at least half a loop, though I knew it would be a tough effort as my legs were pretty sore when I woke up. It's amazing how just 3wks off weights can get you feeling the burn when you try to get back in the gym.
The start was just me and another guy, apparently the storm from last night had the others waiting to join mid-loop or the second one. After about 1/4mile another guy hopped on and I hung on for the ENTIRE loop, even the hill by the bathhouse- no problem. The cool thing too was, once again Ahmed was right, (except for at hills) it's not a physical issue of why i would get dropped it's all concentration. So I never lost focus and pacelined well to stay in touch the whole time. I did the first Loving Hill and then skipped the other two, cuz the hills they do kill me on, and got back on at the paddleboats. By the end of the first loop and start of the second our group was up to about 8 guys, and me...and I think there was a girl that jumped in mid-second loop. I did the same hills the second time, and then by the third loop my legs were pretty done so I dropped back, rode training pace for about 35min and then cool down to the car.
Now my legs are super sore hehe so track will be an added effort for sure :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Everything's feeling great. I'm a little stressed out with school this week but by next Wed my life will be all smiles :)
It felt awesome to get back in the weight room, after about 3 wks without it on the schedule, and surprisingly I wasn't sore the next day. Yesterday after a 30min run in the morning we had a small group ride with Ahmed...actually only Josh (Cohen), this other guy, and me. I did my first hour solo training pace around the lake then the second hour Ahmed followed us around in the scooter as we did single leg drills and hill repeats. Finally the weather is hot and humid!
Then I went to dinner with some friends to Cafe Izmir. It's a mediterranean/tapas place on Greenville about 2mi from my house but I'd never eaten there. The food was awesoem and we ate A LOT! The only downside was the service was the SLOWEST in the world- we got there at 8:30 and left at 11pm and not because we were just sitting talking but literally waiting that long for all the food.
Anyway after I got home I was dead and being so stuffed knocked me out till mid-morning :) which was awesome cuz I got about 9hrs of sleep...usually I can't sleep more than 7-8 haha.
Tomorrow I'll be toughing out the 6am group ride seeing how long I can sit on their wheel this time. Then off to track in the afternoon.
Two more weeks until I leave for Mexico, man time is flying!! After I get back from that race hopefully I'll head home for about a week or two to be with my bro before he races CapTex. I might race too and do the sprint as a tune-up for Vancouver....we'll see.
Alright I'm out-

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home and Ready

What a fun weekend...the city was beautiful, the course was fun, I had a good race, and I had two awesome people to share it with- thanks Mina & Jeannine ;)
Mina actually missed out on an awesome Mediterranean hole-in-the-wall that Jeannine adn I discovered after dropping her off at the airport in our search for Jamba Juice (I know, awkward) ha. This place had a sign that said fresh smoothies...we had given up on finding JJ and were headed back to the hotel. Walking in I immediately smelled and saw the awesome food- best hummus EVER, and they did have fresh fruit smoothies so we had those and then couldn't resist staying for dinner as well.

Anyway, the travel was smooth, came home ate and took a long nap. Then it was homework, unpacking, and getting ready for the week. Intense training ahead this wk-approx 20hrs and some awesome workouts: Tues Group ride, Thurs Group ride, Thurs track (I love track!!), Sat a 63mile ride at the Germanfest Rally in Muenster (spelling?) TX with Todd Terry, a 90min run Sun (yay for long run!), 3X weights, and swims.

I'm guessing two similar wks then a mellow one before U23s in Mex May 17.

I just can't wait to be done with school. The countdown is on.

P.S. anyone in the Dallas area wanting part time help (preferably work I can do at home via email etc) let me know. Training all day is great but I love keeping busy and extra $$ is more than wonderful to me right now.

Collegiate Nationals Race Report

Jeannine and I are at the airport right now waiting to board the flight (Mina flew home yesterday evening) so I have a little time to write about the race.
It was a great race as I did what coach and I planned and learned a lot. I'm glad I've been racing so much before Vancouver so as not to make past mistakes at an A race.
There were quite a few solid girls competing. The top 5 were who I had predicted as contenders. It was a HUGE bummer for me not to be in the first wave- looking at the results only me and another girl were not in the first wave (the other girl was actually in the second women's wave, me the fourth) out of the top 25.
I feel like I've finall discovered the essence of my open water swimming problem. There were 3-4 good swimmers in my wave and, as usual, I hung on for about 100-200m but then I lose them and here's my take on why: anyobody can technically sprint ay 25m with any other swimmer no matter their level, but after that obviously the poor swimmer's sprinting fades, and the good swimmers continue on. That's my problem. I can hang on for the initial sprint but as soon as I breathe and start to settle in my swim happens haha and they take off. So the plan is to work with coach on technique for a couple of months and on holding my sprint for longer until THEY settle in, not me. Also, I find that I am very inexperienced at sighting/drafting in murky lake water vs. clear swims like in Kona. So the swim was a total failure for me as I swam about 90% of it alone, no draft. There was NO option to wait for the second pack as they were very very slow swimmers and that would have made my already terrible swim time even worse (I did a 26min 1500!!!!!!!!!). Yea that was more than crappy.
The bike however was great, it was a draft fest, and other than probably the top girls, whom I never saw as they went off 25min ahead of my wave, and about 50% of the guys, all the other people were the typical racers that go as hard as they can and even harder when you pass them etc so they are excellent to use for drafting as they will pull you without any idea of what they're doing :)
I had guys pulling me the whole bike leg(again, 3 bike lengths, but still a great draft, and more so mentally as you follow the guy's rythm, deviate the bumps he does, drink when he does, etc no thinking needed). In watts I did go above race pace, but my HR was in training pace the whole time and the effort was ridiculously easy.
Onto the legs felt great. It was a bit of a beating that my transistion area, along with all the others in the last few waves/bib#s was higher up a little incline in grass. But the bike got racked and off to the run I felt great. I ran as hard as I could the whole thing and given no taper and the 4-5 pretty steep hills on the run course I was pleased with my split. The first mile which was FLAT I hit in 6:18 so in my mind I had sub40 until I realized the hills that we didn't discover when previewing the course the day before ;)
So, all in all a great race as the bike was perfectly executed- as easy as I can as fast as I can, and the run I pushed hard the whole way and hung equally strong to the finish.
Came in 21st female. lost 5min to the average top 10 swim times, had a decent run compared to the other girls. A few ran sub40 which is incredible on this course. But as coach reminded me, we have yet to do more speed as I'm just starting the season and these are all training races until Vancouver. My bike was right there in top 10 times. So if I could have the swim I know I'm capable of that would have been top 10 and with the increased speed on the run we're heading towards, I'm right there :)
Now it's back to work and that will become even easier in 3 weeks when it's officially summer!!!!
I was very happy to see such great competition at the collegiate level it says a lot about the growth of our sport.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Checking in from Birmingham

Well, we made it to Alabama shortly after 8 this morning. I managed to get good sleep last night as we had to be at the airport by 530ish. I've never been to AL and have to say it's really pretty- green everywhere and some nice rolling hills.
Check in at the hotel isn't until 2pm so we dropped off the lugagge and grabbed a bite to eat a a health store & deli that I frantically googled this morning before leaving the house (I hate being stuck in a strange city surrounded by fast food and wondering depserately for a healthy place to eat...especially before a race). Then we headed off to drive the course which I'm very excited about- it's fairly flat with 2-3 rollers. The run we didn't get a good look at but from the map it seems flat too. The swim is in a scenic narrow river with a nice little uphill/stairs run to T1.
From there I grabbed my packet...thankfully no one was in line except for maybe 3 people as all the others were getting in their ESSENTIAL training the day before the race. Haha, I'll never get over seeing athletes hammering the bike, or running an obvious race pace effort the day before an event, much less in the hot sun. But, hey, better for me :)
I'm bib 946, in the second to last women's wave (yellow caps) hehe...the seeding procedure was quite interesting: some sort of placing at a previous Collegiate Nationals, this will be my first so that didn't count, and/or a sub 2:20 Oly and the only Oly in the books last year for me was AG National's where I fell short by 4mins. So, that's that. It won't be an issue at all so long as there is at least ONE good swimmer in my wave to push the pace. Then the bike will probably work out in my favor as most of the fast guys and girls from the previous waves will be nearing the end of their second loop and will be great draft (legal draft of course). On the run, the plan is as always to run like hell ;)
Anyway, right now we're at the UofA campus in the comp lab before checking in. It's good to have everything done and all that's left is assembling the bike (less than 15min), dinner, and bed.
'Till tomorrow!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm going to be soooo glad when this week is over. Yesterday was the management final, today's the sports marketing one, and tomorrow my group and I give our presentation on the Container Store (also for mngmt class), and after is the marketing research final!!
Today I have to somehow fit in a span of about 4 hours post morning classes, a 1hr run, 1hr bike, 30min ez swim, 1hr massage, and lunch/dinner to make it to a group meeting by 5pm. AHHH crazy!
By tomorrow night, I'll be happy knowing it's over and begin packing for Collegaite Nationals- we leave Friday morning. I'll be heading to Alabama with Mina and Jeannine (Roberto's GF) so it'll be a cool girl's trip.
Ironically, there's been a freeze in Alabama and this morning's read 35F!! Sat's supposed to be low 50s in the AM and 70s by I'm expecting to be cold. Well, regardless it's should be a great race and I can't wait.
I'll post a race report after and share a bit about the experience of watching the Olympic Trials which take place shortly after our race.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I feel like I got run over by a truck :( ha. It was a LONG weekend at the Playtri Festival. Friday I was over at packet pick up until 8pm and then headed home to wait untul about 10:30 for my mom and brother to arrive from SA. My mom always attempts to get here by 6pm but never quite times it right. So we didn't get too much sleep for the race yesterday. The sprint went well for me...I swam like I should and did an OK job on the bike goingeasy until my draft....but not easy enough. The run came through well, not quite under 20mins as coach wanted but I'm happy that the overall strategy he's been nailing me on I'm finally getting right and now we can start to move on to other things :) hehe.
My brother did AMAZING...won the 19&U in the DU and came 9th overall, even with going long on the bike course (dork!).
Anyway, then I worked packet pick up again until 6pm...grabbed dinner on the way home and for some reason couldn't get to sleep until 12:30pm!!!! So when I had to wake up at 3:30 to be at the race site today working the course since 4:30, I was DEAD. I don't remember anything I did this's weird. Finally I got home around 1pm and collapsed in bed for a nap that only served to get me feeling somehwat human again but still not my full self.
After I meet with my group tonight for our project I'll hopefully get a full 10-11 hours of much needed rest because this is crazy with exams and other deadlines and I leave Friday for Collegiates!
Alright off to attempt to study.
Great job to everyone this weekend.
I've been trying to track Arizona but it's a process so I can't wait to find out how everyone did!!! :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Today was great, in fact the whole week was. This morning I went on the 8:30 RBM South Ride. Jenny and Wes, both good friends that work at the Garland store did the ride so that was cool. Normally they do the 9am one that drops all but the greatest cyclists in Dallas, but they offered to come along and introduce me to their roadie friends.
I haven't done that route since Sept of last year training for Kona as all of my rides 2hrs or less I can get done at White Rock without the hassle of going through major traffic areas and getting a potential flat in the middle of nowhere. So I was excited to finally get out of the city and ride with a good group.
There were about 20 people and I managed to stay in the front 5 or 6 the whole time, except during two bigger climbs that I got dropped to middle and 1 attack. The other couple of sprints I responded quite well on. It was great riding as I stayed in training pace about 80-90% of the time, and the rest low to mid race pace.
We got back in about 2:20 so I added a loop of White Rock with Loving Hills and made it back to the shop at 3hrs on the dot :)
After that, I came home for a while before my hour run. My legs actually felt loose on the run, though they were a little heavy starting out. It took about 20min to settle into rythm but I was loving the awesome weather we had yesterday and today.
Oh yea....about turned out to be a blast. The water was freakin cold but the sun was beaming after about 15min of being in the water so with a wetsuit I was fine after the warm up.
Then most of us did an hour run from the marina to my favorite running stretch- the DAM ;)....a 4mile out and back as narrow as a golf cart path with no shade and shrubs on the sides overlooking the lake.
To top everything off my brother did his first sprint today, the Spenco Sprint, at the Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels and got 1st in 19 and under! Not only that but he was 3rd overall out of the water and followed his race strategy perfect: all out on the swim, training pace on the bike unless using the draft of an athlete that passes you, and all out on the run....(sound familiar? haha, Ahmed's race strategy for me that I blew off at Lonestar).
So now he's hooked too, oh God my poor parents, now there's two of us!!
Actually him, my mom, and dad, are coming up next weekend for the Playtri Festival. I'm having my mom do some volunteering probably at body marking or giving out finishers medals. My brother will be doing the duathlon, and I'll be doing the sprint- both on Saturday.
So, that's that. Now I have to attend to a hell of a lot of homework that has yet to be touched!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Joe Pool Lake Brick Saturday

Tomorrow myself, the other insane Playtri people, and a couple others who better know what they're in for, are doing a 2hr open water swim session with Ahmed, followed by a 1hr training pace run.
I should be very excited about this as there's nothing more I need than to master open water swimming- be able to hang on to my draft, sight properly, and transfer pool speed to lakes/oceans. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to a reunion of the Hawaii camp "Again"s, but this time we'll be in 50deg weather with 55-62deg water... Fun!!
If we were shivering between race-start-simulations in Kona, I can't imagine how freakin' cold we'll (or at least for sure, I'll) be tomorrow. Good news is by the time we run it will be mid 60s haha...I shouldn't be saying this in April, in Texas, but unfortunately I don't own that magic button.
Anyway, that'll be it for Saturday and then Sunday I'll be doing the South Ride with the 8:30am RBM group. The weather should be great by then and I like that route which I haven't done since Sept. last year.
Next week will be busy as I have a massive business presentation and will be working the Playtri Race as packet-pick up and volunteer coordinator as well as racing the Sprint Saturday. Then Collegiate Natl's the weekend after :)
Things are clicking along- today was an ez 1hr spin. Yesterday was a great day with that ride, a swim, and track in the evening...last track workout with the IM AZ superstars- Aaron, Ron, and Todd- until they're back and fully recovered (David- you too but you weren't at track :)If you're one of the lucky ones- see you tomorrow at the lake!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Morning Group Ride

Yes! Finally!!! I was able to go on the ride. It was the coolest thing ever!!!...for the less than 5min that it lasted haha.
There were I think 5 guys, all really nice, but definitely wondering what the hell I was thinking :)
From the get-go it was FAST and as soon as the paceline shifted I let the gap get too big and they were out of my sight.
So I kept at it trying to meet them at the bottom of the first small climb around the lake (by the Bathhouse) but I underestimated their speed and when I got there they were already down and onto the second part of the park.
By now I realized I had to hammer to meet them at another point- I skipped loving hills and planned to catch them at the Paddleboats. It was perfect timing but then....yea I brilliantly dropped my chain. (I should get my shifting down before I attmept to keep up with them huh? hehe)
After that, my chances were over, until next time. So I rode 2 more loops and did a couple of hill repeats and then home.
I can't wait to go again and keep up for longer and longer each time. My long term goal- to be able to pull part of that ride ;)