Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why I hate medicines

Yesterday, after itchy as hell eyes, nose, and throat I surrendered and went into CVS to get some Zyrtec for allergies. I knew it wasn't a cold when everything ITCHED. The result: I was asleep by 730, all the way until 5am. Breakfast and coffee somehow got me to masters for a 45min swim. I felt great swimming but OMG I came back home and slept 2.5hrs!! I felt fatigued as if I had done an IM :(
I know it wasn't the best decision, but I have to study some and get through the day so I had another small coffee just now to feel "alive". Thus I'll be bagging my 30min run as I have a massage in like 10min and definitely won't be running after that. Oh well I guess massage is a better way to get the muscles going than running today anyway as the race was less than a week ago.
GRRR I can't stand medications, I'm gonna suck it from now on up and just keep sneezing away until it rains and the pollen diminishes.
P.S. For allergies what usually works wonders for me is Quercetin, only right now I think the combo of post race/travel with mega allergies hitting NTX was too much. So if you have allergies, try Quercetin instead, it's a natural flavonoid that's anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Travel Toll

Yesterday was spent all day in school and every minute in between either in bed or on the couch :)
Monday I woke up with a sore throat but figured that was just the race effects and when I felt a lot better Tues, shrugged it off as nothing. I even got in the ocean for 20-30min, to play more than swim, before leaving for the airport.
But after the travel and finally settling in at home, either there are allergies in N TX right now (I usually get them in Jan/Feb only) or I'm coming down with a slight cold.
The good thing is this whole week is all about Sunday I'll be on the bike for 1.5hrs and have a swim and run too but that will be the peak day of the week. As for now, I'll continue to plug away at my short workouts as they'll probably help me rid whatever's bugging me anyway.
My layout for Clearwater is pretty similar to the training for Cancun- 6wks out- slow building back up next week, 3 key weeks (volume, strength, intervals, the whole dang thing), slight taper w/ some speed week, and uber taper/race week!
I might toss in the Canyon Lake Oly two weeks out, as it's an excuse to go home to San Antonio and possibly have my brother race the sprint.
I'm looking forward to some excellent competition in FL and ending the season well. Getting through the last 2, almost 3, months has taught me more about myself than anything else. I've regained the confidence and feeling of purpose that was slipping away as the first half of the season unfolded. I was uncertain in my goals and the means of achieving what I thought they were. Focusing on Ironman (70.3s included) is what I'm meant to do.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cancun 70.3

I can only get 15min of internet right now at the biz Ill post the race details later. The weather was HOT just like I wanted :) My collarbone was never even slightly sore, in fact I swam very well, so was stoked! Anndd I set a PR of 4:52, ending up 1st in my AG, 2nd amateur, and 6th overall F. Next up, Clearwater baby!!
-Mind over matter

Thursday, September 18, 2008

1 day left!

I have to pack EVERYTHING tonight and hope it all makes it in the bag and arrives to Cancun. Tomorrow I'll be taking a taxi at 4am! UGH! Which means I need to continue my streak of good sleep by getting to bed early tonight. My flight leaves from one airport and arrives back in Dallas at another one so Taxi is the only way :(
I just picked up my bike at the shop, which was pointless because I won't be using the disk I had borrowed from Mina after all. I think it's a smarter decision, given the uncertainty of the weather and my long term goals, that I ride with my rear 404 which has the powertap on it. Good or bad race, without the download it's difficult to assess why I had a good or bad performance.
So after a short ride, short swim, and massage left today, I'll be done until Saturday. I'll do an ez ocean swim that morning with my brother, making him stay behind me otherwise I'll ruin my race if I let him lead and play catch up! Then a 20min ride just to check things are smooth with the bike before checking it in and a 15min jog...enough to loosen up and be ready for SUNDAY :)
I'll probably post an update Sat night.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Moving Forward

Ahh sleep has been phenomenal! Which is good to get me through all of the little things that need to be taken care of before I leave Friday :p
Today's non stop at school, no training though so that helps. In a little while I'm off to see Ron for some chiro work. Then after I get out of school at 5 (yes 9-5! ugh), hopefully I can make it to the bike shop for a tune up and buy gels, blocks, etc.
Because my training was so compact for Cancun, meaning I had to pack in A LOT in 4wks, and then last week was a dramatic cut in volume, I've had soo much free time and extra energy. Aaanndd what better way to put that to use than to plan what I'll be doing after graduation?! Yea, so here's where I hope to be in 2009: San Diego!
I miss it terribly and I want to take the "risk" of heading out there with a few bucks in my pocket and trying to make it in triathlon.
I have no other commitments and I'm young. Also, I've put my coaching hat on for at least next season and that gives me extra motivation.
I've decided (I know, I haven't even finished my big race of 2008 and I'm already looking at 09 but whatever) to race Oceanside 70.3 and hopefully snag a spot for Kona '09!!
Throughout this year I've made statements here and there that my focus was to train for the Olympics and thus concentrate on short course. But in all honesty, the short course drafting style racing never clicked with me. London, the Olympics, races all over the globe, representing my country, blah all sounded great at first but it truly never gave sparked the same passion in me as Ironman. Plus there are other factors that impacted my decision: the drastic swim improvements that needed to start happening very soon, the $ issue of traveling to so many races throughout the yr, and the fact that I've never really lived in Mexico and never want to leaves me little chance at any connection with the national team there.
Ironman got me into triathlon- Hawaii remains the greatest thing in my mind and I couldn't get rid of that as much as I tried. There's just sooo much I want to accomplish on those Lava Fields, whether I have the "talent" for it or not, that remains to be seen, but I have to go for it.
I loved every aspect of race day last October, and though am very pleased with my result, there still remains a lingering "what if" in the back of my mind as to what could have been possible had I not gone through that terrible 1.5wk bout of food poisoning right before the race.
So there it is..the fluctuations of an undecisive "young adult" about to hit the real world. I'll either be working as an Au Pair in the San Diego area, or snagging some sort of "marketing related" part time job that will qualify under OPT (optional practical training) allowing me to stay in the US an extra 14mths after Dec. 2008.
I don't know how I'll make enough money to eat enough haha or buy any type of triathlon equipment but the uncertainty draws me in.
Corporate America and my SMU degree can be stored in a drawer for later use, but my youth cannot.
"The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams"- Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, September 13, 2008


The winds are starting to pick up here in Dallas. Of course, we're free of the worst part this far north and my thoughts go out to those in the coastal areas.
Luckily it's not affecting me training wise because I'm pretty much in full taper. This morning was perfect for a 75min trainer ride with some mid-intensity intervals mixed in. Later on I'll head over to Dedman Center to do some stretching and shower again :)
So not much excitement going on today. I've been doing homework all morning and playing online every now and then, ha.
I can't believe I leave Friday!!!!! I'll be traveling with my mom, bro, and stepdad together for the first time, so that should be interesting. He's never been to a triathlon, well except a little local pool swim sprint my bro did a couple months ago, so I'm looking forward to his reaction(s) hehe.
Strangely enough, I've never been to Cancun, only Cozumel, which is basically the same thing except less hotels/Americanization. Hopefully this whole hurricane thing will leave nothing but a clear hot day come next Sunday!
Overall I'm feeling really good, though since I'm coaching myself it's really hard at times to keep myself on track with the taper because I've been tempted to kick up the volume the past 2-3 days, but I've had my fair share of bad calls this year so no more ;)
Alright well back to more reading as this is the perfect day for that.

Monday, September 8, 2008

All down hill from here! 3wk (4 if you count the first week with decent volume and semi-ability to run normally hehe) training block for Cancun. I knew it was doable considering Ironman specific training took about 2mths, and my injury didn't take away more than 10-15% of the fitness I had from the rest of 2008. Afterall, walking, the ellyptical, water running, etc all keep your cardio up to par.
Anyway, I've coached myself through this one. I knew as smart as Ahmed is, neither he nor anyone else could know what my body could/couldn't do with the collarbone issue and immediately after it's healing.
So I pulled all my resources, went back to look at my IM trainnig, took all I learned from Heather, plus what I learned from Ahmed, and devised my 3-4wk scheme for Cancun.
That first wk I did roughly 17hrs, mainly 90-120min rides, some 30mins swim, weights 3 times, and run/walk workouts. The second week I kicked it up to 21hrs, and then 23 and this wk 25. All just increases from bike volume, long runs, kept the weights for sure, and finally was able to add full 1hr swims :)
So now it's a week of cutting that in half, adding more intensity, and then super mellow with light efforts race week!

Last night I got into Dallas, it was a LONG day. My bro and I went Saturday to do an open water swim at Boerne lake in the afternoon which was great, we had the whole lake to ourselves. So yesterday he asked to come to UT masters with me and since I couldn't drive him back, my parents came along and we spent the day tehre.

For some reason I got up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep, so at 6 my brother and I drove to stone oak so he could ride while I did my 90min run. That went awesome! Basically I ran up long a** climbs, back down, up, down and through some great trails that made me feel like I was in Cali again :) Oh!!! I also saw a deer!! :)
Once in Austin, we got into a bit of car trouble when my alarm system went crazy and anyuthing I did with the car (open doors, attempt to turn on the egnition, whatever) the alarm would sound, so we had to call AAA . I was petrified that I might have to take a bus to Dallas cuz no way can I miss school, and then my dad drive my car up Monday when service people from Toyota are available. But nope, AAA got it fixed, although now I have no car alarm, ha. Anyway, my brother and I then did a 30min evening run on Town Lake followed by Barton Springs and finally I drove home to crash in bed at 10pm.
So now that's it, off day today and taking care of school. I'm very excited to have trained myself through this, all of my athletic life I've handed over the reigns to coaches but this time I felt the need to be in full control. Perhaps I did too little, too much, exactly right, perhaps my taper will be lower or higher than what it should or I'll nail it. In two weeks time I'll find out. One thing's for sure, I'm head strong as ever going into this race, and I wouldn't change the last 2 months for anything else!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Day in the Life of....

Me :) hehe.
Yesterday I got A LOT of things done and was very proud so I thought it'd be cool to note them.
The alarm rang at 5am, I ate some fruit, grabbed my swim gear and was off to 6-7 masters at Baylor Center. After I quickly downed a powerbar, threw my run stuff on and ran from my house out to White Rock and back. A brick from the swim, 80mins run, comfortable pace z2,3 picked it up a little in the middle, added some great rollers and was home in time to cook a full breakfast of eggs & brown rice (my faovrite)...well I did have the rice done from the night before, and ate in the car on my way to class :)
I had class from 930-11 then rushed home to pack, read a little and was back for 1230-150 class. From there I went home, got my bike stuff and rode to the lake for a 2hrs mellow.
When I got home I showered, by now it's 430, got everything I needed for a weekend of training in my car, went STARVING to Whole Foods, ate, and drove home to San Antonio for the weekend!!! :) I got home at 10pm and collapsed in bed.
Today I was back at my last heavy weekend in the hill country, enjoying the last weeks of warm weather, and the lovely hills that I lack in Dallas. 4hr ride today, just got done with afternoon weights. Tomorrow will be 3.5hrs on the bike followed by a 45min brick run of hill repeats then swim in the evening. Sunday I'm getting in a 90min run firs tthing then driving to Austin to do masters, I LOVE LONGHORN AQUATICS' MASTERS PROGRAM, IT'S THE BEST!, After that I'll spend a couple of hours in Whole Foods eating and doing lots and lots of homework and then I'll finish off with a 30min eveining run on Town Lake with a Barton Springs cold soak to end the training for Cancun and begin taper! AHHH exciting!!!! Next weekend I decided to race the TX Man sprint, It's perfect little speed work just in time to get me firing for the BIG DAY.
Alright, homework now :(

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Austin Triathlon success

Wow, what an awesome weekend!! I'm so happy it's crazy...
Let's see...I left Thursday afternoon for San Antonio. Friday and Saturday did two long rides and solid runs, one off the bike, one 1hr after ride and swim Sat evening (legs felt DEAD which was very beneficial!). Also I had a great long main swim set Saturday that made me feel close to normal in the water :)
Then Sunday my brother and I left for Austin early after his quick morning ride for the Austin Triathlon. He was doing the sprint, me the oly. I volunteered at packet pick up for a bit and then helped at bike check in. After the heavy traning the whole week (11hrs of it on Fri+Sat) standing at bike check in for a couple of hours had my legs/feet screamng for ice water.
So after that we rushed to Barton Springs Pool and soaked in there for about 20mins...OMG that saved my life :)That was followed by a trip to my Eden: Whole Foods Austin...we bought some awesome spelt blueberry muffns for breakfast race morning that I hope I can find at the Dallas store.
Anyway, I was supposed to stay with my friend George but when my bro decided to race we convnced my mom to book a hotel. She found a great deal at this new hotel about 10miles from the race and we slept amazing!!
Race morning we were trying to find parking and had no cash...everything was blocked or $7. So I had my brother ask the "manager" at Whataburger to let us park there and not tow the car. He said ok just be back before noon when it gets crowded. Sure, no problem we'd be way done by then...(more to come on this later)
Ok now the most incredible part: I had my best race of the season!! haha. I never thought you needed to break your collarbone to finally get some good stuff your way.
My plan was to play the swim conservatve- swim solid but nothing crazy, take care of my shoulder, and hammer the bike and run- get a great speed workout in from the race.
So I lined up on the far right to have my right shoulder free of swimmers...I decided to race the Open/Elite wave so I had to be careful not to get knocked around at the swim start hehe.
That went perfect...I was clear and found a good draft immediately. The pace seemed effortless and I just kept my eye on this person. About half way in, he or she slowed down and I saw a small pack about 25m away. I'll throw in a little sprint to my swim I thought so I picked it up, caught them, and settled in with that group till the exit.
I couldn't believe after the race when I read that I swam a 23somtn! That's got to be one of my fastest 1500s and it felt soooo ez.
On to the bike... loved the didn't have all of those crazy corners like Captex and weaved around downtown and near Austin High. I had some ups and downs on the bike but overall felt strong. The rollers felt like a cakewalk but at various parts my legs were defntely feelng the lack of rest from the prior week.
I fgured the run would be quite a beating but NOPE! For some reason which I'll never be able to legs felt close to new!! Again, I loved the course, simlar to Captex but with a tiny off road section :)
I don't know why but only in Olympic distance do I always have to pee starting the run. I was feelng great though and wanted a PR on the run so I didn't stop (maybe a good call, maybe not) By loop 2 I really had to go but by then it was pointless.
Either way I had one of my best Oly runs, a 41somtn :)
Well, that was that, I felt proud to have come from lying in bed between two pillows face up to sleep, being unable to speed walk 4 1/2 wks ago to this day. I'm very optimistic about Cancun now which is why I wanted to race before get a sense of what I could expect.
I ended up 6th overall female, 1 spot short of 100 bucks :( hehe but they gave the top 10 a package of this organc coffee so given that I spend about $2/day on coffee that's bad ass!

BUT.....the rockstar of the race, at least in my un-biased (yeah right haha) opinion, is my brother! That kid makes me feel like a snail. He went 2nd overall, a minute behind his Icon1multisport teammate, who obviously kicks major butt too, Hunter Overly. Not only that, but he had the fastest run split and set a PR: 17:48 5km! Needless to say he was stoked.

Lastly, before I head out the door for masters swim (supposed to take the day off but I'm hyper haha)....the Whataburger fiasco: I got my car towed!!! OMG I was mad. The so called manager told us we could park there and not get towed! We were back at 9:55am!!! So I had them call the supervisor who called the towing company to wave us the charge. Thankfully it worked out, but we still had to drive, with my parent's car, to the towing place in some farm road about 30min from Austin. Haha...that I'll never forget.

Stellar weekend :) Off to swim!