Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Last Friday after coming home from racing Challenge San Gil, down in Queretaro, Mexico,  I was out doing a 2hr ride on top of a morning run and lunch swim- a little rev back in the engine to kick start the final push for Vineman.

I’ve been registered for Vineman since finishing Cozumel in November where I surprised myself with a solid result given minimal long distance training. All year, subconsciously or consciously, I kept delaying the beginning of actual Ironman training until “surprise!”, it’s July and I barely have time for anything before a taper.

Still, knowing how quickly things become boring and monotonous to me, especially when training 99% solo, I really only needed 2-3 long rides and runs to top off the pretty consistent training I’ve had all year and race fresher than in other IM’s, but perhaps better.

Somewhere in that 2hr ride on Friday though, I had to be honest with myself. I have no desire to race Ironman. The only reason for me to toe that line again is to break 10hrs, and I’d really need a miracle to do that right now. Regardless, I have other things that I’d much rather focus on that breaking down my body and numbing my mind like that again.

What a relief it is to just do what you really want and know is best for you! It’s not like anyone really cares, and there’s no pressure from sponsors, family, or friends…but somehow the commitment I had made to race, and race well, was becoming too much to let go of.

It’s been a lovely few days of hanging out with old friends, doing yoga, lifting more, and I’m excited to head out for random group rides and keep this relaxed approach going.

Through my forced exit as an elite and a couple years not racing at all, to contemplating a comeback, I’ve now arrived at a wonderful sweet spot of sorts: I want to be the weekend warrior- enjoying the social aspect of training and racing, and tackling manageable, fun, and healthy distances.

So the focus right now is on landing a full time job in a city that I had never ever …EVER… entertained as an option. MEXICO CITY. Yep.

If you know me, you’ll likely spit your coffee out reading that. But it’s true. This year, and certain wonderful people, have made me see that concrete jungle as a world of possibility, culture, excitement, challenges; no longer just a threat of traffic and pollution. Perspective is everything!

I found myself going more often in the last few months than I’d cumulatively been in years.  With each visit I saw myself living closer to family, meeting new people, and expanding my career to the point where one day if I choose to, I can justify a foreigner work visa because I’ll actually have the professional experience. Or maybe I’ll actually love it and stay. Who knows? No one- certainly not me. It's scary, but it’s also incredibly fun.

Hakuna Matata, the circle of life. I love the irony of going to live in the city that brought me into this world and one, which I had sworn off entirely.

Since moving to Mexico 2 years ago, my country has given me a lot more back than I gave it credit for. 2016, so far, has been full of great times and adventure- there’s nothing in me yearning to go back to the US at all.

Being a big believer in the Law of Attraction, I can’t help but smile as the interviews roll in since taking this detour. I don’t want to jinx it, so won’t name the company, but this afternoon I’ll be Skyping with an Ad Agency that everyone in the SMU Ad/Mktg school had their eyes on- lo and behold they have a Mexico office ;)

This blog doesn’t have much momentum anymore since it was centered on my athletic career. So these posts are more of a diary than anything. I can’t wait to look back in a few years and remember the time when I made yet another big shift into another thrilling chapter of life.

The journey…it’s all about the journey….