Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yo yo yo!! Kona training in full swing baby!!

Ahhh July...the month where it all begins. In some ways looking back, I think the knee injury might have been a blessing in disguise. Training full time, starting January, was definitely something I wasn't prepared for- and by that I mean having the mental discipline to not go overboard. Even with my coach pulling my reigns, had I not been forced to take dramatic rest April- June, I might have arrived to Kona exhausted.
On the contrary, now I'm motivated as hell and my body is on fire- chomping at the bit to nail every bit of training flawlessly. I'm feeling good! After Strawberry Fields, the load was raised and IM focused training got underway. It's now week 2 before an easier week and back to another 2 week heavy load. 2-3 wk blocks seem to do me best. I've been thinking of adding Santa Barbara Long Course at the end of August to my schedule, but will see financially how that pans out....
My mom left yesterday. It was sad to have her go, but she has much to tend to in San Antonio and I'll see her again before the blink of an eye come October! Kona is for her, for all she's sacrificed for me, and in many ways for my stepdad as well. Without his support I would not have been able to continue this year with triathlon as my full time 'gig'.
As for my brother, he has one more week left in California before he meets up with my dad in CO for Nationals. This past weekend at Newport, he rocked his ridiculously fast AG finishing 3rd. It's been a blast having him here and you can find him at Dig Me Beach all IM week ;)
Today I had an awesome 2hr run in my new all-weather Newtons that I couldn't resist saving for fall/winter. I'm feeling the fatigue begin to creep up, but once I get rolling I feel great- as expected at this point. Hoping to get to Sunday strong and healthy and remain that way to taper- that's always the goal, just make it to the taper healthy hehe.