Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fun weekend ahead!

My mom gets here Friday!!! I could not be more excited :) This will be the last week she comes out probably for the year as we'll all be together in Kona in Oct and then I'll likely be the one flying home for the Holidays.
Saturday morning we leave for Strawberry Fields. I get to do the Oly which starts around 7 and then have plenty of time to finish and freshen up a bit to watch my brother's race at 11am. I've never been to Oxnard but it's just north of L.A. which means spending Sunday afternoon/evening in L.A. before getting back to SD :D
Daniel is pretty pumped up as this is the qualifier for draft-legal Junior Elite Worlds which is in Gold Coast, AUS in Sept. I think if he places top 3 he snags a spot! There's a couple guys that are going to be tough competition but he's gained some confidence these past few weeks with some elevated training benchmarks and his run last Sunday.
Although next week will mark the true start of some IM mileage for me, I hope to have some time to really enjoy SD with my mom and brother. There's just so much we haven't seen. She'll also get to spectate Newport Coast Sprint which only Daniel will be racing in July 26.
After that my brother has only 2 weeks left here before he takes off for Colorado to join his team for Junior Elite Nationals August 8. I, on the other hand, will stay put in SD and race either the swim/run Surf Monkey event put on by Multisports or the Pendelton Sprint; followed by the Solana Beach Aquathon August 16. That will culminate my racing prior to Hawaii. It's been a rocky season so far with the endless housing moves, the dreadful knee injury, and some mediocre race performances, but through it all I've gotten in some great training and just hope that it all starts to come together so that come Kona I can look back at the season up to then with a smile and toe the line with my usual confidence.