Sunday, July 12, 2009

Carlsbad Sprint

I loooove racing close to home! When I did this race in 2007, I was stunned at the thought of being able to ride to and from a race along the beautiful coast line! These lucky SoCal SOBs, I thought. hehe. Now here I was with my little brother riding to one of my favorite sprints for a re-match. Could my dead legs beat my time from 2 yrs ago? Jeez they freakin better!
Yesterday Daniel and I decided to ditch noon masters and instead ride to packet pick up along Camino Real toward the 78- what an awesome ride!! It's constant rollers with little to no traffic. I'd never ridden that way on CR before and can't wait to get back out that way.
After some time under the sun we hit up La Paloma Theater on PCH to see The Hangover- hilarious!!! That theater is sooo cool, it's like from the 1920's totally unremodeled.
Anyway, today started not so early, like 5ish. I watched some of the Challenge Roth coverage online and was excited I'd get back home after the race to track some peeps from that race as well as RI 70.3 Needless to say, it was a killer day across the board!! Chrissie Wellington is my favorite superhero :D
Once we got out the door, my brother kindly let me know that we were in a hurry because his rear tire had a hole and air was slowly leaking out. Great! Ok, patience with the little one. Unfortunately, I could not "hurry" because less than 2min into riding my legs were wondering why they had to move today. Then my turn- once on Leucadia I hit a sticker (the pointy plant thingies) and it put a hole in my not-so-cheap tubular front tire. Luckily it didn't pinch deep enough to affect anything!
So we get to transition, he gets his tire fixed, and we make our way to the beach to suit up. Once the gun went off my brother quickly became a little speck far far away as I meandered my way into the surf in a not so sexy way. That's what I get for not practicing surf entry at all the open water swims with the cool-brave-ocean-swimming-fast-masters-people. Oops.
But after we rounded the first boey I settled in just fine and actually felt great swimming- that's probably a first! :)
Onto the bike I just hammered whatever I could hammer. I don't know how fast that got me through the course but I do know that my legs burned like hell the whole way. Nice! Just what I wanted.
The run- yay! I love running!!! Not because I'm a fast runner, I'm not, but I just love it...especially in this race where the spectators go crazy. I'm pretty sure I clocked sub 20 which I'll take and managed to pass one girl at about a mile in to take 3rd Elite.
My brother did awesome, coming in 4th Elite and setting a PR in his 5km with a low 16min!!
Once we got home, showered and settled down, we went out for a good meal and now it's chill time till laaaaate tomorrow :D
Cheers and congrats to everyone who raced today all over!!!!