Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I better post a sick swim time

I've been in the water prety much everyday. My knee still hurts. Monday I did 45min running and after 20 I was in pain but had to get back home so ran through it for the remainder. Yesterday I thought it was progressing nonetheless as there was no added soreness/pain so I went out on my scheduled 90min run. Bad move. 35min pain-free then every 10min after that it was stopping to massage the heck out of the "patellar tendon". At 1:10 I finally got back on the trail home and the smoother surface allowed me to pick up the pace and somehow I was pain free till the end. It didn't get any worse through the afternoon though it was a bit bothersome at noon swim. So I want to believe I didn't set myself back more with that piecemeal 90min effort.
I'm back at KP's today for more ART. The more I research online (a scary place to search for injury help), the more I think it's meniscus damage. It hurts on the inner side next to the patella. Anyhow, the plan is to keep consistent this week and just maintain fitness by becoming a water animal and doing 20-45min runs and rides. Wow, that's some great training 4 weeks out from a key race huh?!
Spring Sprint may be out of the question right now but we'll see how the week plays out. It's annoying not to be 100% sure what is hurt. I hope this goes away by the Sunday because another week with recovery training is deadly.