Monday, April 20, 2009

Wiped Out

That's me :D
Dead, but not quite all. So today starts week numero seven of ginormous training. Looking back, that would be 49 days with only one completely off day. Nice! Between the piles of long rides, most at mod-hard effort thanks to my brilliance of joining guys, and supermen at the camp, practically daily swims and runs, and weights, and travel and moves thrown in, I'm one tired human.
However, I must make it to Sunday nailing all the training scheduled before recovery the week of Spring Sprint. I am beyond excited, and actually a little nervous, to see what I will feel like that week. I know Mon-Wed are going to be a hellish unloading and then by the weekend I should be roaring to race.
Finishing this block will be a major accomplishment in itself and there are 4 key sessions that must be executed flawlessly. For today, I get to rest until noon swim, then do some TRX/core work and that's it. Every second in between must be spent lounging. I think I can handle that ;)