Sunday, April 26, 2009

One More Day

Just 24 hrs and I can run and ride. It's been since Wednesday that I've run and since Thursday that I've been on the bike. I went out for 2.5hrs Thurs and by the time I got home I was limping my knee hurt so bad.
Firday I went in to see Brian Kildow who is hands down the best ART guy I've met. It was painful but we think we got to the source of the problem. So yesterday I swam masters and lo and behold, I swam great. It felt fast and effortless- seems like recovery/forced rest does that.
I'm going pretty crazy not being able to do much else, however. Thankfully the Mayers have me pretty entertained. Fri and yesterday we went to Gavyn's baseball games which are really fun to watch. The kids are surprisingly good. Friday they made a triple play haha it was so cute they probably had no clue how it happened but were just stoked it did. Then yesterday one of the kids hit a home run waaay out of the fence!
After we went to Besta Wan- this cute little hole in the wall in Cardiff and got to see the sunset on the drive home- perfect.
Oh, also, Friday afternoon I went down to the public library just down the street and managed to find a brand-new John Grisham's "The Broker" for $1!! OMG I hadn't been to a public library since my Africa project in third grade and I must say it rocks! So I've been reading that.
I hope to add to that book blog ( as I left it blank after Outliers. See I had started The Appeal but it was just boring so I put that down after a few chapters, a complete replay of the plot in Erin Brokovich.
Though now that I've finished Blink and am about to be done with The Broker, I'll be keeping that rolling. Plus, my life was a little hectic until post-camp to be doing any productive reading.
As I sit here writing I'm scared to death that Monday I'll hit the road to run and ride and my body will be like "uhhhm, what are you asking me to do? How do I do this running and biking thing?" I just hate forced rest. True, it can be a blessing in disguise sometimes, as was my collarbone break last July, but one month out from Honu when I've been racking up such incredible consistent training is just BS! Also, there's that lingering doubt of whether my knee will be absolutely clear by tomorrow or still bug me.
I'm hoping it's the former and I can bank some good running mileage and key half-specific bike sessions. Next Sunday is Spring Sprint which if all is ok, I'll be gunning to race after all this time off. I'm looking forward to volunteering two days before the race at packet pick up for the IronKids event. I think it's awesome to have kids get involved in multisport at such a young age.
Other exciting news- my mom is coming May 17 (I really really hope!!!!) to help me find a condo so my brother can come spend the whole summer here with me. Now that has me beyond stoked as he's now close enough to my age that we can actually converse and not beat the crap out of each other (or me out of him hehe). It helps too that he's a total triathlon geek so you'll find us on every road/trail in North County. I can't wait to show him around and have him fall in love with SoCal.
Well, that's it, off to read now and wait for 9:45am's gonna be a LONG morning.