Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Quite a bit has happened since I returned from camp. Monday I moved down to Encinitas- after being in Orange County for 3+ months including two major moves, I wasn't sure I was ready for yet another stressful rearrangement of environment. However, I had to listen to my gut, and every time I would drive down to North County SD, I'd leave with a sinking stomach knowing this is the place I fell in love with two years ago, and this is where I truly want to be and where I can make the most of my training without any other influences.
When gearing up for a race I thrive in a controlled atmosphere where I can live like a Monk. Living in OC was fun, I made some cool friends, enjoyed some late nights out to the movies or friend's house, etc but for the goals I've set I knew I had to be 110% focused and what works for me is 8pm bedtime, 4am wake up, eat, sleep, couch/read, train, train, train.
I was lucky enough to live with a friend down in San Clemente for the month of March but it wasn't going to work much longer as I had to commute roughly 30min to where I swam, ran, and bike, and worked at Edge and had to live out of my car the whole day and eat out which made it hectic recovery wise and financially straining to not be able to cook at home.
I'm stoked to be back with a family that's like my own. Looking back through January, I cannot believe how on earth I was able to be nannying, to have moved in less than a day and a half, to have the luck of selling my road bike just in time to continue to finance some part of my training year, etc. Now that I'm finally at whole peace, I'm consciously aware of just how stressed out I was previously.
Anyway, things have been stellar since camp. I got rolling right into a big week and this one continues similarly. I'll be enjoying a long ride with KP and Julie D Sunday. La Jolla half marathon might be out of the question as it sold out right when I had the cash to pay registration- bummer!! But it looks like I'll be racing Spring Sprint and Encinitas Sprint, both in May and then off to Honu :)
I can't speak as to my speediness or race-readiness right now as I've been plugging away through fatigue since even before camp. Overload is good, sometimes you question yourself though since you start to feel slow but then even 1-2 days of lighter stuff thrown in the big weeks yield a workout that makes you realize "yup, things are improving!". I know when I start to freshen up for Honu the boost of confidence will come and I'll be ready to shred on the Lava fields.