Monday, May 4, 2009

Trying to look up

I must admit I'm beginning to get worried about whether or not I'll be able to race Honu, and if I do, if my knee will allow me to race to my full potential.
It's now the start of week three since my injury. Saturday I was able to ride 2hrs outside but not any longer as when unclipping at lights and attempting to clip is very painful (from the force my right knee has to yield to give me the momentum to go forward and clip the left leg in).
Anyway, I had planned to volunteer for the Ironkids event Friday night and that went awesome! It's so cool to be a part of the growth of our sport. The event was in South Shores near Fiesta Island/Sea World and since mapquest steered me wrong, I ended up at another event (concert I think) for volunteering haha. There were tents, and things being set up just like for a race (though the stage set up should have made me think twice) so I thought I was in the right place. Luckily the coordinator said they had plenty of help and we could go home. He asked if we could hand out some flyers and then gave us our blue bracelets which I found out from a girl they were for VIP access....huh?! So I asked her about the race and she's like "what race? I think I heard of a 5km walk or something, but this is for tomorrow night". OOPS! So then I called Kristin for better directions and finally wound up at the right place.
Yesterday was super hard for me. I went down with Kristin and Colleen to see them race Spring Sprint. At first I figured I'd dress like a normal person and pretend to have zero triathlete in me. But packing my run stuff quickly diminished that idea. So we get there, I drop them off and go get some coffee...they had quite a bit of time before the race start. I come back, hang around transition, see some familiar faces, and make my way to the car to change. Boom! Time to run :) After 30min, ouch, pain in the knee again. At this point I am running next to racers cycling and uncontrollably pick up the pace. I wanted to be in there so bad! I was supposed to be racing, getting in a speed workout for Honu, feeling super, no injury!!
Whatever. I finish my run with some brakes to stretch and massage the tendon that is not happy with me. I then headed out to watch everyone finish, and that made my day a little better. Kristin pushed very hard, I was proud hehe, and her and Colleen both won their AG!
After awards, them and MJ rode back and I quickly got home to unleash my desperation on the trainer. Some TRX after, a sore knee, and my afternoon was over.
We followed up with dinner at Pizza Port which looked uber delicious. I opted for a plain salad however, because I feel like a lazy bum who can't bike or run, and I might as well be super lean if I can't control anything else for Honu.
So that's it. This week I'm supposed to pretend like I live in Russia and ride on the trainer 3x3hrs and some shorter rides in between. Fun!