Friday, April 3, 2009


There's nothing good sleep won't fix. After roughly 9hrs of deep coma, I was feeling 95% normal this morning. My appetite was back and I made it to breakfast for some fruit and muffin before the morning long run. Gordo, Josh, DiMarco, Kevin, and I left a couple minutes ahead and got in 90min. Well, actually they quickly left my sight haha but we were all back in the truck after 90 ;)
It was on the awesome "Cactus Trail"- I took the first 30min ez building into whatever steady effort I could muster and despite a few bouts of lightheadedness and queasy stomach feelings I got rolling quite nicely.
Then we came back for breakfast- ahhh it felt so good to be hungry for and able to keep the food in me. We then went to Oro Valley for an hr swim- nothing crazy just a steady set of 500s.
We just got done with lunch not too long ago and I'll likely take a nap after typing this out before a massage at 5pm. Then dinner and bed! Tomorrow, Saturday, is the "uber-long" rde to Kitt Peak from the hotel and back. Supposedly a little over 100miles with some solid climbing mileage and elevation. That will top off the camp. So I basically missed one day (yesterday)- the hourish morning run, long swim (which thankfully Gordo sent via email so I will be doing that in the next few weeks for sure!!), the moderately long ride back up Gates Pass from the Oro pool.
Oh Well, I can't really dwell on what's over and out of my control. Moving on...must be as ready as possible for tomorrow!