Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Sick

Since 10pm last night I've been throwing up nonstop. It got to the point where I threw up vile (spelling?) and basically air would just cough up. I tried sprite, coke, and saltine crackers sent by the hotel staff in the wee hours of the morning but those didn't stay down at all.
After broken sleep I made my way to the pre-breakfast room where everyone was meeting for the early run. The guys were wonderful and thankfully we have a couple doctors in the camp so I got some advice and starting sipping gatorade, ate a banana by 7am and some pretzels. Those came back out at about 9am and I just slept until now which made me feel a lot better.
I think it's a stomach virus as Celina, David, and Michelle both reported similar symptoms in the last couple of days. Also, I had slight fever and chills (before getting some sleep just now) and that isn't really the case with food poisoning.
I hope a lukewarm shower, endless TV time and a miracle will have me refueled and hydrated for tomorrow. I really don't want to miss Friday and Saturday's training. I've looked forward to this camp since Novemeber last year, wanted to push myself and discover the limits of what I can handle training wise right now, and also feel terrible that the cost of camp is going toward me lounging on my butt the last few days!