Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My energy levels are pretty good, considering.
Swimming is going really well. I think (key word 'think'), I'm starting to get a "feel for the water". This is very exciting. It makes me dread missing one day of swimming.
My running is super, despite the fact that track is canceled for this week and my long run is delayed for Friday due to a stupid knee pain that's been looming since my 30min TT last week. On the long ride Sunday I had to get ART from Kevin the couple of pit stops.
No bike through today...I think my cleat moved back waaay too much so I moved it to the outlined spot and that seemed to feel good on the trainer this morning.
Running on it hadn't bothered me until after Sunday's ride. Then yesterday's run indicated my knee isn't too stoked on downhills.
Today's run was smooth except it was off of the trainer so I started out hurting and was able to run solid but not comfortably.
Back at coach's house today for deep ART which hopefully does the trick. Swimming after felt good except I couldn't dolphin kick at all- so I'm hoping that's just from the impact of all of the messing around with it this morning.
Agh, pretty frusterating as Sunday I'm scheduled to do another epic hilly ride with Julie, KP and a couple other girls.
Tomorrow is a mid-distance bike to test it out. Pray nothing hurts.