Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back in CA...TIRED

Again, a good smooth flight. Strangely enough I sat with a couple who was also on my same flight out to SA and they are long time friends of my stepdad and his business partner...small world. That was fun as the airtime felt short chatting away.

I got home around 4, and my friend Max was nice enough to give me a ride. He works at Edge so we actually were able to stop there before getting to the house and build up my bike at record speed.

I was soo exhausted, traveling does that to you no matter how uneventful the airports turn out and I just can't figure it out. I took a 30min power nap, ate, and then headed to Dave & Busters to chill for a while. We didn't stay too late, got in bed by 11pm and slept soundly until 5:30am when I had to get up for my long ride.

The approach to today's ride was "surive". I met Chris Hill, his coach, and Matt (a friend of theirs), and then we picked up Max, Devin, and another guy about 40min in. It was a solid ride to say the least. I wasn't expecting much life out of my legs and that's what I got. But it was all about pain and suffering. The first 2hrs were pretty hard, me playing catch up to these freaks through Santiago Canyon. then Chris, his coach, and Matt split near Irvine Ctr. and the rest of us went down to Newport Coast and back up some knarly climbs. Total gain was close to 5,000ft. Oh, and the weather was to die for!!! :) 80s!!!!! We finished at 5.5hrs, Max and the other guy (I'm really bad with names) did a 30min t-run and Devin and I waited in the car.

Then it was to the house, shower, eat and pick up Michael and AM from their granparents'.

I'm tired. Pretty ez week coming up. Just some freshening up, staying consistent to be ready for the race Sunday. I cannot wait to get to leave for Palm Springs. It turns out my little bro isn't coming out here anymore until around July when he has an important race in this area...more on the reasons in some latter post.

For now, gonna relax at the house, cook dinner, put the kids to bed and maybe head over to Devin's for some hot tub time this evening.

Tomorrow will include various long naps.