Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday Rocked

Saturday's planned ride up Palomar didn't play out. Everyone wussed out :(...So I had my 7hr ride in mind in OC. I rolled out with Enrique, Max and Devin but things turned against us after climbing Santiago Canyon. Our bad luck started with my flat tire, then Max's cleat came loose so we went to the shop to fix it- 15min stop, rolled back out then my handlebars came loose as the stem I had on couldn't bolt down so we had to find another one- noon it had been 2hrs ride time. It was also rainy/muggy so we rode back to the car and called it at 3.5hrs. It was actually good because riding the with guys this whole week had me pushing a lot harder than on my own so at the end of that ride my legs were toast. So this week I'm prohibited from riding with them- coach's orders hehe...and will plug away 2 long rides at my own snail pace.
Yesterday though was the complete opposite- I had a ball. Devin and I left OC at 7:30am and drove down to Encinitas. We ran an hour at my favorite place- Rancho Santa Fe golf course. The weather was gorgeous. Then we went to the Boys&Girls Club in Solana Beach for a swim- the water was like a hot tub though so we only swam 30min. Then we hit KI's for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Wild Animal Park. We topped that off with dinner at Pizzacato- best pie in the world.
After getting home we decided to see Miss March- ridiculous comedy but entertaining nonetheless.
This morning I slept in till 6, got on the trainer, did some weights and will hit noon swim followed by a short run before heading to Edge for the remainder of the day.