Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Stress of Change

Change can be good, bad, or both. It all depends on the approach we take toward it. Humans are an adaptable species but our ability to control fears and doubts determines how quickly we will adapt and how effective our adaptaion will be. Whenever dramatic change comes into my life, such as when my parents got divorced, when I quit tennis, left for college, and most recently made the treck out to California to live with a family of strangers I had only communicated with via email and phone, I make sure that my new path is a means to a greater end (i.e a goal in life like my aspiration to be a pro triathlete) and not an end in itself.
After 2 months of what I consider my best effort at adaptation and assimilation of new personalities, cultures, and lifestyles living with said family, I came to the conclusion, with the counsel of my family, and close friends that this situation was a end in itself.
Everything happens for a reason- I've stated this several times and yet again my philosophy holds true. I am giving my heart and soul to every second of the day in order to arrive as prepared as I'm capable of to Kona in October. I knew there would be hurtles and am prepared to tackle them- as my ability to find a roof by the end of this week proved.
Thanks to the unrelenting love and support of my parents and friends, I can continue to plug away at this triathlon endeavor. I'll remain in SoCal with a family that despite the less than 3 years I have known them, are as close and dear to me as my own.
Thursday I march out of Mission Viejo, no holds placed on training which is a major plus, and the weekend will be enjoyed like none other with some buddies of mine down at Palm Springs for the Desert Oly. Then the end of month will be icing on the cake with AZ camp.
Challenges are a part of life and only make us stronger. What happens to each of us is meant to and shapes us into who we are, but we chose that shape based upon our reactions. Problems are created by the mind, they don't exist, they're only negative manifestations of challenges. To me, an obstacle is just that- a hill to crest.