Monday, March 23, 2009

Raise the bar

That's my motto for this three week training block that began last Monday. Yesterday was a much deserved off day spent in Borrego Springs and Agua Caliente with max, his mom, and Brigita. We missed the rain and had great sunny skies. The only downside was that we couldn't hike because the knarly winds even shut down the power in some parts of town. I had never been exposed to desert winds and holy cow they are strong!
Anyway, training has been stellar. I'm only getting stronger and recovering that much easier. By Saturday's run I was feeling beat up but a heavy training load with consistency gets me into an unstoppable rythm where I feel like I can carry the world in my hands- pretty cool.
Friday I rolled out on the bike for a little over 5hrs on my own, as I had to stay away from riding with others this week :/ haha but it was great. There's something about just getting lost in blank space in the mountains that makes time feel non-existent.
Anyway, this week through the next continues with the biggest training I've ever done in any sport I've been involved with. Sunday will be off day #2 in the three weeks to drive down to Tucson with my coach. I cannot wait to push the limits mentally and physically at camp and milk Gordo for advice on how to reach my best potential and find out his key thoughts on life as a pro triathlete.
I'll be blogging everyday at camp and hopefully have some pics up to. It will be crazy-fun times for sure!