Monday, March 9, 2009

Desert Tri- Wknd in Palm Springs

This was a fun weekend. I drove out Saturday morning with Max and Devin and we made it to PS about 1hr later than expected as we couldn't navigate ourselves despite having an iphone and GPS system- yes, we're technologically inept.
Anyway, we got our packets and by then were starving so we ran into some friends of their's who were gonna eat at a place called Stuft Pizza- man that was some great stuff! After that the afternoon was pretty much done with and we decided to scratch the mini pre-race workout and just check in the hotel and chill for the rest of the evening.
Race morning went just about perfect, until my first bout of stupidity....instead of grabbing the Vantage VO2 bottle (4tablets) I grabbed the Salt Stick one and had 4 of those. My sweat rate is pretty much non-existent so 4 of those and I was worried I'd look pregnant before the race even started, ha.
Anyway, we walked over to transition, racked our bikes, did a jog warm up, and got suited up. Then stupidity number two: I forgot to use my inhaler. My asthma in the dry/cold means I might as well just snail pace the entire thing otherwise I can't breathe.
I realized this after about 5 strokes in the water when I was gasping for air like a fish out of water. Too late, all I could do now was just take what the day would allow. On the bike it wasn't so bad. I didn't feel so great riding, I guess I'm not used to the drastic changes in my position for such a hard extended effort. At least I was happy my lungs were beating my legs in this portion of the race.
What made the day bad for me was getting off the bike and feeling super, legs loose and ready to crank out a solid run, yet going training pace, goodness like 7somtns/mi!!! Uncontrollable wheezing meant I'd have to suck it up and just finish with whatever oxygen capacity I could muster.
It was frustrating because when I race I don't care who beats me or by how much as long as I know I gave my best effort and had the best race I was capable of. Well, yesterday I gave my best effort but by no means had the best race I was capable of on that day. I screwed up on something so controllable - simply take my damn inhaler.
Well, moving on. It was good to see some familiar faces out there. The course was awesome, and definitely want to go back next year. The weather also rocked. Max, Devin, and I got out of there before the awards were over and sprinted to that pizza place again, ha. After a stuffing lunch, we showered and hit the road home.
There wasn't much traffic on the way back, we got in the hot tub, drove to Max's to pick up a girl from Switzerland that's staying at his place for a couple months doing some work at the University and then all went to dinner at Yard House and to see International. Fun relaxing night. I got home pretty late and slept soundly till 6.
Getting on the trainer this morning felt good, my legs were basically fresh as they didn;t get their day;s worth yesterday which I guess is OK considering this week and next are big volume all around but more so on the bike.
Two heavy weeks are up, then a recovery one and off to camp to crank out as many training hours as humanly possible :)