Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tucson Sufferfest!!

Today I drive down to Tucson with my coach and am feeling ready as ever to train my a** off!
Can one week of training really impact one's season that much?? Yes, undoubtedly. I believe even one "breakthrough" workout can have a dramatic effect on one's performance. It is in the intricate details of everyday training that we discover how much we have inside us and how much more we can dig out through strength and determination.
In fact, on my 2hr run Tuesday that's exactly what happened- it was my best run to date. I left from Edge and ran south toward Alicia on Moulton, rolling pavement until I hit the climb to get on the top end of the trail. I then ran trail for an hour with a couple steep hills and made my way back up Moulton the last 20min to the shop. I negative split the two halves of my run, in fact I cut it in quarters and the last road stretch of 15-20mins I was able to run at my 5km pace (mins/mile wise) while holding an upper-end PE and HR. It was insane!! I couldn't believe it, I was flying. I knew right then that come October, my marathon goal is totally do-able and heck why not try to squeeze under that some more. That was my breakthrough workout, not only did it boost my confidence but physically it allowed me to introduce my legs to a long run speed that I will now only continue to increase.
So, that's that- then the two days after I felt like I got hit by a truck, and thought I'd done myself in with that run, but it turns out it was just that time of the month (thankfully!) and as of yesterday I feel AMAZING!
Last night Max, Devin, and I grabbed some dinner and then Devin and I got caught up with Friday Night Lights (my fave show). Sleep has been good- it sometimes gets broken up when I'm training hard but my naps have allowed me to go to bed a bit later which helps me in not waking up at say 4am- although today I did but only because I still had a bit more organizing to do for the trip.
Well, time for breakfast and then hitting the road. My computer cable doesn't work anymore (1.5yrs old) - note to self: that's the last time I purchase a PC, so am hoping for a miracle so I have some connection to the world and can post stuff about camp.