Thursday, March 12, 2009

Piling It On

So, I think I've managed to flush Desert Tri happenings down the drain. This weeks moving along quite nicely. I'm dialed back into my P3 same as I was two weeks ago, and putting in some nice volume in all three disciplines, well plus weights.
This morning I went to the gym and cranked out 45min of upper body and core. I discovered this awesome little machine (more like a toy) that you throw the medicine ball at a target and it comes back down so you can do cool abs solo :) After that I met Max & Devin for a 2.5hr ride...we rode from the shop to Irvine Center, up Portola, through Jamboree, did some hill repeats at different cadence/gears and then spent the rest of the afternoon, until 6pm at the shop. I managed to make it home before sunset so squeezed in a short run. My legs were feeling heavy for that which is always a plus in training.
Tomorrow will start with early masters and then running El Moro w/ the guys, back at the shop, an hr on the trainer, and leg weights in the afternoon.
Saturday I had the brilliant idea to ride up Palomar from Encinitas and thought I had 3-4 people recruited but they all wimped out :( hehe.
So I'll stick around my hood, get in 3hrs w/ Max and then add 3-4 on my own.
It all gets amped as the days go on until a couple days before camp where I will be tied to my bed for hours on end ;)