Saturday, May 3, 2008


Got up pretty early this morning, around 5am, ate some breakfast and headed to a coffee shop down the street that opens early enough even on weekends. I heard the wind howling as I walked to the kitchen and hoped it would fade by 730, when it'd be time to go on the South Ride with the RBM group. Well, no it didn't, actually it got stronger. The whole ride except maybe 5-10mi was headwind. 20-30mph gusts. Nice. On top of that, it was freezing. My toes and hands, even with gloves, were numb. But other than that, it was sunny and the ride went smooth :) haha.
All I could think about was "must get back to my car asap". I got dropped around mile 18 and rode training pace solo the rest of the way home. Got in 45ish miles and by 10:30 was happily warm and chowing down some food.
All that's left for today is a 1hr run...the wind will still be killer but that doesn't really bother me running and it should be low 70s in a little while- I hope.