Friday, May 23, 2008


It'll probably be easier if I just resort to living out of a suitcase. Although this time I'll just fill a backpack as the Austin trip will only be 1 night/2days, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pack for Vancouver now and get both out of the way, ha.
Luckily, road trips don't require a bike box :)
I love visiting new places but airports annoy me for two reasons: 1) slow people at check-in counters, security lines, or taking up walking space 2) angry-at-life airport employees
However, I feel very lucky to be able to experience triathlon all over the world. The next trip is never guaranteed as life can throw anything our way, so I try and appreciate the opportunities that racing has provided for me, and more importantly, that my parents have struggled to help me enjoy.
I'm off to do an hour ride around White Rock and then follow that with a swim at SMU 50m pool. This morning I was up at 5 to get my hour run done first thing so as not to drain myself running in 95deg before the race Sunday. Thankfully it felt great...I was a little worried it might be one of those runs that feel like eternity because yesterday my body was exhausted. I went to see Donald for a massage Wednesday and he went deeper than ever before! I came home, slept for 10hrs, then yesterday took a 2hr nap and still was in bed by 830pm. But, today I'm pretty close to 100% recovered from it and should be good as new race day.
Alright, gg!